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  • Weak

    Tell me what .. should I do ..
    try to keep my cool, cause you know i`m feeling you
    I can`t keep my eye`s off of you..
    (everytime you come around , I just wanna make you mine)
    Everything you say to m...

Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek

  • Can I Live (Bonus Disc)

    Verse 1: Jay-Z Yeah, ya`ll niggas finished yo? Ya`ll niggas finished? Got your little radio, play your little videos huh? You finished nigga, huh, huh, huh? Ya`ll finished, Can I Live? Huh, Can I Live? Yo, yo, yo I blacks out, I pulls da mack out Scre...

Kool Keith f Black Silver

  • Matthew

    Yeah! Kool Keith Black Sil (yeah yeah) and company! As we party.. two-zero-zero-zero [Kool Keith] Step in coat check, vocal supreme sound perfect You wack man, haven`t you heard this? Matador king ladies swarm around me like Jon B as I stop rappers t...

Velvet Chain

  • Beyond Time

    J. stacy / b. reardon Well you try to see beyond time... to face the questions you have now You want to see whats in the grand design... well its a crime to see that now We can never let you down, if youre out of town...

Jay-Z f Amil, Ja Rule

  • Can I Get A...

    [Jay-Z] What? Well fuck you... bitch Bounce wit me, wit me, wit me wit me Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, wit me wit me Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ge-gi-gi-gi-gi-gi Can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ye-ye-yeah Uh-huh uh-huh boun...

Kardinal Offishall f Nicole Sinclair

  • Sweet Marie

    [Kardinal Offishall] Sweet Marie CHORUS [Nicole Sinclair] So sweet so sweet so sweet Oh sweet Marie, Marie, Marie So sweet so sweet so sweet Oh come on, sweet Marie So sweet so sweet so sweet Yeah So sweet so sweet so sweet [Kardinal Offishall] Sweete...

Page and Plant

  • Blue Train

    Another day is ending
    And I remember when
    My world, came falling down
    Out there the stars stop dancing
    Lost in my darkness now
    The rain, keeps falling down

    Light of my life, where have you gone

K.P. and Envyi

  • Shorty Swing My Way Reminx

    Ohhhh, ohh oh oh. Ohhh oh oh oh, baybee Shorty swing my way Sure look good to me now would you please swing my way Shorty swing my way oooo wee boy, do you know the joy I feel as the second I see you as I`m hypnotized and wise to ...

Los Churumbeles De Espana/Los

  • El Beso

    En Espaсa ,bendita tierra
    donde puso su trono el amor
    solo en ella el beso encierra
    almoneda, sentido y valor

    la espaсola cuando besa (!!ole!!)
    esque besa de verdad
    y a ninguana le interesa (!!ole!!)

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