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Normal Like You

  • A Lonely Boy Named Sven

    All your worries speak to me and they`re non-convincing all your troubles expect me to be the one to sympathize all that I can do is be understanding sometimes my eyes won`t let me see just what you want me to there`s nothing I can do there`s s...

Justin Timberlake Ft Clipse

  • Like I Love You

    Just something about you The way I`m lookin at you whatever You keep lookin at me You gettin scared now, right? Don`t fear me baby, it`s just destiny It feel good right? ListenI kind of noticed, from one night From the club, your front face It`s kind o...

Kane and Abel f Fiend, Master P

  • Tryin` 2 Have Sumthin`

    [ Master P] Check this out twin, wanna hit me on a beeper when ya`ll ready for that nigga, I got. Huh nigga what? (You be coughing this shit up) I`m just a nigga in the dope game Tryin` to move cocaine Herion and Weed And a young nigga tryin` to have...


  • (Sittin` On) The Dock Of The Bay

    Sittin` in the morning sun I`ll be sittin` when the evening comes Watchin` the ships roll in And I watch `em roll away again Sittin` on the dock of the bay Watchin` the tide roll away Sittin` on the dock of the bay Wasting time ...

Lidia Avila

  • Asн Como Me Ves

    Asн como ves, con un tornillo menos y lodo en los pies
    Yo sуlo quiero ser una princesa y ver
    Al prнncipe que sueсo a mis pies caer
    Asн como ves, con el disfraz de niсa entrando a punta pie
    Tambiйn yo tengo alas, no creas ...

Bill Batstone and Tom Coomes

  • We`ll Share These Moments Forever

    The moments of caring the moments of sharing They`re the times that mark the miles stones along life`s way They`re the miracles of love that happen ev`ry day.

Osmonds, The

  • Love Me for a Reason

    Don`t lose your temper
    Don`t lose your temper
    Don`t lose your temper
    `Cos I love you when you`re wild
    Don`t lose your temper
    Don`t lose your temper
    Don`t lose your temper
    `Cos I`d hate you to grow mild

Power Station

  • Some Like it Hot

    We want to multiply
    are you gonna do it?
    I know you qualify
    are you gonna do it?
    Don`t be so circumscribe
    are you gonna do it?
    Just get yourself untied
    are you gonna do it?

    Feel the heat

Immer Feste Druff

  • Das Vergissmeinicht

    Aus dem Vaterhaus zogen wir hinaus schützen Heim und Herd in manchem blut`gen tapf`ren Strauss. Wenden heut` den Blick sehnsuchtsvoll zurück zu der teuren Stätte unser Kindheit Glück.

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