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  • Бонита

    Я ждал тысячу дней и пел ветер морей песню о доме, Вокруг берег чужой, с тобой рядом другой, словно на троне, Забыть я не могу, тоскую, Пускай ветер несет нам бурю, Все равно приду, тебя украду! Далеко, далеко, Сеньора Бонита, Далеко, далеко, Мой бере...

La India

  • Seduceme

    Bйsame, pronto va a amanecer
    Abrбzame, no hay mas tiempo que perder
    Excнtame con tus besos de miel


  • Creature Of The Devil

    Music & Words: Antonini
    Walking in the fire, murder is desire
    she would like to stop the sound of time
    bringing back the life, sign of silent cries
    she would like to call the priest to her.
    She wanna fight, she want...

Chubb Rock more

  • The Five Deadly Venoms

    [Verse One - Hotdog] Aiyyo ??, I got the batter, get the mixer as the trickster will fix ya a batch of rhymes you know that soothes, like an elixir and sticks your ribs so let the cheese and wine or rather wine and cheese Cause I aim to please with eas...


  • A Feast For Me

    Well there`s a party for me The last thing I wanted from you I close the door behind me And there you are You seem relaxed and quiet But under your shirt you sweat And these balloons around Make me feel so sad...

Mickey and amp; Sylvia

  • Love Is Strange

    Love,love is strange Lot of people take it for a game Once you get it You`ll never wanna quit (no, no) After you`ve had it (yeah, yeah) You`re in an awful fix Many people Don`t understand (no, no) They think loving (yeah, yeah) Is money in the ...

Saian Supa Crew

  • 2 Be or Not to 2 Be

    Astrologie pour un nouveau jour J Apologie appuyйe par l`йglise de scientologie Dйmagogie dans toute sa terminologie Sociologie, l`humain la suit de son logis Technologie malsaine sur fond de biologie Analogie, la science souille son anatomie Lobotomie...

Baby Dc

  • I`m Feelin` you

    Are you feelin` me cause I`m feelin` you? I was just going to tell you now You know I wanna talk to you gotta dig me know what I`m sayin? O.K. you already know that.

Slick Rick f Canibus

  • King Piece in the Chess Game

    [Slick Rick] Check, check, check, check Check, check.. * Slick Rick starts humming a snake charmer song * Yeah.. They say.. that Rick Rick is..

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