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Laziest Men On Mars

  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us

    In AD2101, war was beginning...

    What happen?
    Someone set up us the bomb.
    We get signal.
    Main screen turn on.
    It`s you!
    How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us.


  • Aurora Borealis

    Lyrics by Frode Glesnes
    Music by Gerhard Storsund & Frode Glesnes

    A freezing winter sweeps the land
    A creeping frost sets in
    The fog encircles the castle
    Surrounded by a total silence
    Black clouds weigh...

Paul Kelly

  • Before Too Long

    Before too long
    The one that you`re loving
    Will wish that he`d never met you
    Before too long
    He who is nothing
    Will suddenly come into view

    So let the time keep rolling on
    It`s on my side


  • Fairweather Friend

    When it`s rainy and wet You`re nowhere to be seen When it drys out you bet You`re right back on the scene And when the clouds begin to form You`re always hiding from the rain And when the sun begins to shine You`re always first in...

Synthetic 16

  • Blew

    It`s such a disappointing thing to know. I grow old never knowing where you live. It`s such a disappointing thing to know. I grow old never knowing what you did. Wanted to find out where you came from.

Joao Pedro Pais

  • Lembra-te de mim

    Entrei numa casa fria
    De portadas entreabertas
    Espretei a ver se te via
    As ruas estavam desertas

    Os amores jб terminados
    Sгo ausкncia, fazem mal
    Nгo me esqueзo do recado
    Nem de um gesto ocasional<...

Synthetic Delusion

  • Face Value

    This world has nothing to offer me all I hear are the words of deceit Nobody wants you to be what they want to be, rather see you fall than succeed.


  • ...and Then I Turned Towards Darkness

    A death`s shadow resting over me I longed day after day to be set free And then I turned towards darkness Never again will I let your will restrict me Darkness where I belong, now at last I can see And then I turned towards dar...

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