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Bone Crusher f Cotton Mouth

  • Fat Man Stomp

    I say go fat boy, go fat boy, go, go fat boy, go fat boy, go I say go fat boy, go fat boy, go, go fat boy, go fat boy, go I say go fat boy, go fat boy, go, go fat boy, go fat boy, go I say go fat boy, go fat boy, go, go fat boy, go fat boy, go I do th...

Ca$h Money Click

  • 4 My Click (Street)

    [ INTRO: Mic Geronimo ] Yeah yeah `94 style Ca$h Money Click Representin Ja Rule Nemesis Chris Black Get money [ VERSE 1: Nemesis ] Ca$h Money Click flips like acrobats over tracks Summersaultin on DATs and dropped off wax Surprise, it`s the nigga wit...

Mr. Shadow f GPA, Mr. Lil` One

  • Shaking in Your Boots

    [Mr. Lil` One (talking)] Aight, here we go Oh yeah... triple sixin Mr. Lil` One, GPA And that mothafucka Shadow [Mr.

Bad Ronald

  • 1st Time

    Now this is what I am talking about Stuck in side, but I am letting it out I am struggling just to keep my poise And I don`t stop screamin` till I lose my voice Keep on doing what I feel the most One last hit and then I am ghost If it`s not my fault th...

C-Bo f Killa Tay

  • Enemy of the State

    I`m on a mission for money, dreams n` Bentleys n` Ferrarris Influenced by the biggest ballas now bitches wanna call us Picture me with all the cheese mansion lookin overseas Pushin limosuines n` stackin hunits n` g`z Dubbz on my sports car six car gara...

DJ Skribble f B.G., Juvenile

  • DJ Skribble`s Traffic Jams 2000

    [B.G.] I`m a young nigga, go by tha name B.G. Don`t stunt, nigga, my K hold fifty And I will use, in a minute you six feet I refuse to lose, I issue blues It`ll be no clues When I strike, you lose I tip-toe light in Reebok shoes Your issue`s..

Mac Mall

  • Clock Work

    Yeah doe Names was changed to protect the guilty They say that will power is the shield of our lives To defense us in this world, as I`m waitin on the coup d`etat Machine gun in my hand, every thought is unholy Sold my soul several times for this migh...


  • Blue Skies

    If I told you, you wouldn`t believe it You stopped my heart from beating Every second I am dreaming I wanna be with you And together we`ll get high Into this world of mine So won`t you come inside of me (chorus) I`m flyi...

Dr. Dre f Snoop Doggy Dogg

  • 187 (Deep Cover Remix)

    [Dr. Dre] Niggers that I used to know and sell dope wit` Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit, And let me know what`s up and they can blast on, Thinkin` about the homeys that passed on.

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