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Peter Kay

  • Max And Paddy`s Road To Nowhere Theme

    Don`t no where we`re going,
    Got no way of knowing,
    Driving on the road to nowhere

    Sponging for a living,
    Checking out the women,
    Riding on the road to nowhere

    And we don`t take shit from anyone,<...

Javelin Boot

  • Knowing Me, Knowing You

    No more carefree laughter
    Silence ever after
    Walking through this empty room, tears in my eyes
    Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye

    Knowing me, knowing you
    There is nothing we can do
    Knowing me...

Keith Murray f Kel Vicious, LBM, Passion

  • Get Lifted CD-5

    * sample repeats in background from Redman`s Cosmic Slop (4X) --> Attention passenger`s we`re on a non-central journey To Hell and beyond [Erick Sermon] Hahaha Good evening all you blunt smokers Welcome to the Darksides of Def Squad Wher...

Pillows, The

  • Sad Sad Kiddie

    I know you
    You get on my nerves
    You feel that way too
    It`s the same with me

    You don`t see me
    too late for regrets
    I can permit you
    to stain my pride

    Will you leave behind the l...

Sun Of Sadness

  • Deep Locked In Painted Picture

    You`ve painted a Picture There I saw you scream Smashed down by demons Caught in an endless dream Alone in the dark When they tried to catch you You cried an eternity And slowly your world disappeared They started to hur...

Вадим Мищук

  • Возвращаюсь...

    Стихи Виктора Коркия

    Музыка Вадима Мищука

    Возвращаюсь к тебе, дорогая.

    К твоим милым и легким словам.

    На пороге меня обнимая,

    Дашь ты волю свободным слезам.


  • Crave

    Oh I want you
    Oh please take me, right here on the floor
    I wont fake it, just give me more
    Oh I love you, Oh oh oh yeah

    Whenever I see you my worlds a disaster
    my feelings are strong I barely breath
    My ...

Piero Pelщ

  • Dea Musica

    Io che ti perdo tu che mi ritrovi qua
    ricompongo i cristalli dell`anima
    pazzo di gioia ti regalo parole
    forse saremo come la luna e il sole

    Dea dea musica
    la mia cura e compagna fantastica
    mi dai ...

Brandy & Ray J

  • Another Day In Paradise

    She calls out to the man on the street
    `Sir, can you help me ?`
    `it`s cold, and I`ve nowhere to sleep.

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