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Oxide and Neutrino

  • Bound 4 Da Reload

    Bound 4 the bound bound 4 the reload Bound 4 the bound bound 4 the reload Bound 4 the bound bound 4 the reload Bound 4 the bound bound 4 the reload Ah I`ve been shot I don`t believe this Can everyone stop getting shot Bound 4 the bound bound 4 the re...

Safina Alessandro

  • La Sete Di Vivere

    Luna sopra di noi
    Di quale amore ci innamorerai
    Stella caduta ieri
    Difendi ancora i miei desideri
    Il tempo ci porta via
    E passa attraverso me
    Um brivido che
    Diventa gia poesia

    Vorrei soltant...

Walkmen f Celph Titled (of Equilibrium)

  • The Countdown Theory

    (Intro by Celph Titled) It`s the collapse of the earth as you know it. Holdin` it down, Celph Titled in the same brigade with the universal Walkmen. Start the countdown...

B.R.M.C. (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

  • Generation

    I don`t feel at home in this generation The ones without a need they ain`t got a reason I`ve been feeling alone in this generation I`ve had a realization No one really listens nothing`s really there I`m choosing sides I`m keeping...

Sam Flynn

  • Adored

    She could walk so dangerously, in her world, she was liberty But she never could find it free, so she came with a price for it Open your eyes, was the last thing on your mind She wants just TO BE ADORED All she wants is TO BE...

Kanye West f Dwele, QMB

  • Hold On (Remix)

    [Kanye] uh oh uh oh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.. uh-uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.. Kanye to the.. Yeah Ok I`m getting spins all day in L.A Luv, we can go the D where Dwele dwell D.C, P.G or ATL Back in The CHI I made my life like the magazine Honey wanna know the ...

Will Smith f Christina Vidal, TRA-KNOX

  • Born to Reign

    Intro: We come to make it hot for ya Woof! (Chorus) When you get down with the black suits baby Just let it loose let that head go crazy the way we bouncin and shakin I know you feelin me So get up out ya seat come on and nod ya head with me (Nod ya h...

Too Many Cooks

  • Believe Me Sister

    ( Georgesco D`Anjou ) You can pray, `til your hair turns gray Nothing`s gonna change the way it`s off to now Never believing, always deceiving No one trusts anyone, anyhow So I`ll pack my bags girl Leave for the road on my own Pac...

Kool G Rap f AZ, Nawz, Tito

  • Holla Back

    [AZ] Yeah.. it`s 2G Brooklyn-Queens connection Y`all bout to feel somethin, y`all never felt before Aiyyo G, you know I`m like a trey-eight special I`m close range Fuckin with you I gotta get AK material, banana clip style Let`s do this, let`s do this ...

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