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  • bolero falaz

    BOLERO FALAZ by Aterciopelados Andrea E. and Hector B. Tabbed by: Todd el coroncho Golden (Por si acaso me conoces tendrias la bondad de escribirme por favor?!) I tried to get the timming and chord changes in sinc with the lyrics but you`ll have to li...


  • A Voice In The Dark

    Dancing in the moonlight Heartaches to caress Win or lose It doesn`t make much odds Shadows fight shadow fade It is time not too late For wakeing From a dream Night must be our daily bread Or never what they seem A voice in the ...


  • Just In Case

    Just in caseI don`t make it home tonightLet me make love to youFor
    the last time babyWanna cherish each momentThat could last`Cause
    baby you`re all that I haveSo just in case Think of how we made
    loveAlmost anywhereHaven`t I...

Karel Gott

  • Babicka

    Als wir Kinder waren sind wir oft gefahren oben auf dem Wagen mit dem Heu und bei uns war immer Babicka. Herrliche Geschichten konnte sie berichten und für uns war`s immer wieder neu alle Kinder liebten Babicka.


  • Allein In Griechenland

    Könntest du mich doch nur seh`n hier im Hafen von Piräus in alten Blue Jeans und ein Glas voll mit rotem Wein halt` ich in der Hand.

Riccardo Fogli

  • Alla Fine di un Lavoro

    Io qui cercarmi un si
    fine del lavoro domani che fai
    ancora una volta e quante chissa
    stasera torno a casa stasera mi va

    Ma so che non dormiro
    per tutta la notte duemila idee
    come il primo giorno d...

Вика Дайнеко (фабрика звезд

  • 5)

    It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me It`s so ironic you`re what I had pictured you to be But there are facts in our lives we can never change Just tell me that you understand and feel the same This perfect romance that I`ve created i...

Максим Леонидов

  • Hе дай ему уйти

    --RF-- Где-то далеко летят поезда,
    Самолеты сбиваются с пути,
    Если он уйдет - это навсегда,
    Так что пpосто не дай ему уйти.

    Я довольно молодой Бог,
    И возможно у меня опыта нет,
    Hо девочка моя, я помочь ...


  • Going All Out


    Whats all my nigga`s is getting rich by breaking the law.
    Going through banded walls.
    Soothing the pain up with alcohol.
    Living the criminal tradition of organized crime and cooking mines
    playing with...

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