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Bushwick Bill

  • Already Dead

    And um... Look, listen and observe As we all pay close attention um.. [Bushwick Bill] Look into my eyes Or should I say my eye And nigga ya see just why This can afraid to die Ever since birth I`ve been givin` the short hand It didn`t hurt but it made...

Cee-Lo f Jahalla, Kirkland Underwater

  • Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfectio

    Shocka locka... [Cee-Lo] Shit, behold it is me, it is the epitome of extraterrestrial energy Experiment and enter the internals of the inner me The art of gone, and heart of stone, and own`s worst enemy Intellect shapeshifta, God`s gift a Soul slippa...

De La Soul

  • 3 Days Later

    POS: Smoothed out without the R and B (Mercy) Come on! (Mercy) Come on y`all! (Mercy) Come on! There`s no R and B in this song So come along fly children come along Come along fly children come along Come along fly children come along There`s ...

Matchbox 20

  • 3 Am

    She say it`s cold outside and she hands me my raincoat
    She`s always worried about things like that
    She says it`s all gonna end and it might as well be my fault
    And she only sleeps when it`s raining
    And she screams and...

Natural Elements

  • 2 Tons

    [Mr. Voodo] Natural Elements, the name of this topic You should pay close attention how we rock it When we drop the album and single, you should cop it [A Butta] Yo Voo, stash that, L hit em wit 2 Tons [L-Swift] Yo, first and foremost Natural Element...

Paul Campell

Souls of Mischief

  • 4th Floor Freaks

    Repeated: Your shape be... (Opio) I got my eyes on you Visor`s cool Ass be vast it`s private school Imagination pornographic Memory is photographic why don`t you Turn around Bend over so I can snag ya Polariods It`s your camera You`s a freak That don`...


  • 3d

    [Intro Layer]
    3 trendsetters
    3 aspirations
    3 desires
    3 signs
    3 girls
    3 personalities
    3 styles
    3 imaginations
    3 styles
    3 aspirations
    3 girls
    3 trendsetters
    3 desires

Cappadonna f Method Man

  • Milk the Cow

    [Cappadonna] Let us milk this cow, the best way we know how Park Hill projects, chicka-POW One culture, return of the track slasher Double doser, Cappadonna broadcaster Strivin for perfection, the only way I got my life back was through investin, devot...

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