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Warren G w Reel Tight

  • Relax Your Mind

    Its that nigga Gz WheeZ back for the 9-c I ex sippin on the yak so people wanna know whats next ain`t nuthin changed, another day a new time with this uptempo beat with the G-Funk rhyme regulatin state to state, coast to coast its all about the call of...

Christina Vidal

  • Feel Good

    (Chorus) Ew boy, You give me true love and true joy You never treat me like a new toy I can never get enough of your love, oh Cause you make me feel good (Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah) Feel good (Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah) Feel good (Ah, ...

Today Is The Day

  • After Life

    It`s fake I`m sure afterlife Slowly sinking I reach for You but your not sure The sky is blue your hand in Mine We`ll walk the stars Unashamed of who we are We`ll rule this world with My big cock Oh God I love You I live to rock W...

Christina Werner

  • Tweedle Dee

    Es war ein Tag wie jeder Tag. Da kam ein junger Mann in uns`re Stadt. Er war nicht groß trug lange blonde Haare war cirka 30 Jahre und keiner kannte ihn. Er blieb ein Jahr und wohnte hier.

Christine Lavin

  • Waiting for the `B` Train

    I dropped a token into the slot. Pushed through the turnstile. There was a woman at the end of the platform Waiving her arms around, kind of wild. Come here, she wailed. There`s a puppy on the rails. I think it has been hurt.

Christine Mcvie

  • Ask Anybody

    Written by christine mcvie and steve winwood. Hes a devil and an angel Ooh the combinations driving me wild Drives me wild Hes a saint and hes a sinner Ooh somehow he acts just like a beginner I guess hes still a child ...

Low Millions

  • Corrections

    If any of the lyrics here are wrong, can you put a an asterisk (*)
    before the line which has the correction(s), instead of sending
    me the whole song. If you don`t do that, my head might explode,
    which could get a lil messy.


  • Dawn Eternal

    Wake for the Coming, Moon turned scarlet, see the horror in sinful eyes, The Dawn will rise, Signs of the end will lead to that day, The end of our wandering it will be, The Dawn Eternal rises, our Saviour will return, everlasting...


  • False Prayer

    ...God do you understand me My false prayer? Falce prayer prayer to... God take pity I am whole trembling Deprive my tears Do you understand me? You are emptiness But still I believe You are my loneliness I am afraid of your merc...

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