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Kurupt, Tray Deee, Xzibit

  • Bones Soundtrack

    [Kurupt] First line when up Second line set forth Third line of tactic It`s like that nigga Gangsta shit, Frewrecktifying all the time Tray Deee, Tray Deee such a way G call him Tray G Now what chou gonna be about that? Eastsidaz, West Coast, Dogg Poun...


  • Atout Coeur

    Je passe la main, tu reprends possession
    Pour un instant, une simple rйflexion
    Saisis ta chance pour retrouver la voie
    D`un fil d`Ariane rattachй а mes pas

    Le sablier du temps s`est renversй
    Les dйs sont jetй...

Whitney Houston feat. Wyclef Jean, Dyme,

  • My Love Is Your Love (Remix)

    {Wyclef} Yo Whitney and Wyclef Turn this up you gonna feel it up Yo if I became broke tomorrow Would I still be your pharaoh? Your ghetto Prince of Egypt And if I got into a motorcycle accident and crashed And became paraplegic Yeah and if the feds rus...

Stevie Holland

  • Benediction

    Before the night has set you free Before you`re far away from me Know that love will always stay Here in my heart with each thought of you throughout the day When time moves on and years have past I`ll take each memory and ...

Christian Franke

  • Wenn Du Gehst

    Nun ist es endlich raus das ist der Schluß. Du brauchst nicht mehr Versteck zu spielen. Ich hab` mich gut im Griff und schaff` es cool zu bleiben ohne dich hab` ich vorher auch gelebt.

Moore Geoff And The Distance

  • Follow You

    Glen Burtnick/Jack Ponti Matthew 10:38-39/Psalm 23 And when the daylight dies You`ll still be there when I close my eyes And I`ll follow, follow You I walk into the midnight blue You light a torch and it cuts r...


  • Carta Magna

    ahy historias que siempre olvidaras
    y ahy historias que nunca olvidaras
    y son esas las que siempre estan
    en los momentos que mas necesitas

    porque siempre estan ahy
    para hacerte sonreir
    para ayudarte


  • Chris Is Dead

    Summer day we`re on our way
    feeling good together beautiful place
    Just me and my friends having fun
    enjoying the sun
    We are colours we`re red and white
    as my teenage skin was tanned
    You were my father`s fifth ...

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