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Steve Miller

  • Abracadabra

    I heat up, I cant cool down You got me spinnin round and round round and round and round it goes Where it stops nobody knows Every time you call my name I heat up like a burnin flame Burnin flame full of desire Kiss me b...

Montaner Ricardo

  • Castillo Azul

    pondremos las persianas y el sof, y un cadelabro antiguo aqu, un cesto de flores en medio del zagun.

Monte Marisa

  • A Menina Dana

    Morais/Galvo Quando eu cheguei tudo, tudo Tudo estava virado Apenas viro me viro Mas eu mesma viro os olhinhos S entro no jogo porque Estou mesmo depois Depois de esgotar O tempo regulamentar De um lado o olho desaforo Que diz o m...

Bounty Killer

  • Another Level

    Verse 1: Bounty Killer giving yuh originality Buss a shot if yuh respect and love di quality Listen good and pay attention to my clarity All a di gal dem a seh dem love mi personality Mi guh a forei...

Suzanne Vega

  • (If You Were ) In My Movie

    If you were in my movie
    I`d have you as the doctor
    Small black bag
    And a big black coat

    I`d have you make a house call
    To the woman
    You could lay your
    Diagnostic hand
    Upon her belly and her ...


  • Love Will Come Again

    The days are filled with laughter and pain Since he has gone without good-bye Like a candle fighting against the wind She hopes he will come back again Love will come again Don`t dream it`s over now Love will come again W...

Bourbon Gautier

  • Flash Tes Lumires

    Tu parles pus personne T`as oubli comment T`as bin des choses dire Mais tu gardes tout`en d`dans Quand tu veux faire Signe ton monde Mets l`doigt sur la switch Attends que la nuit tombe Flash tes lumires Si tu t`ennuies Flash t...

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