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Heintje Simons

  • Ich denk an Dich

    Fine art never moved my soul
    No vintage wine designer clothes
    But my world shakes for me
    My bird sings sweetly
    A different kind of tinsel
    Decorates my tree
    Yes my bird performs
    A thousand Cheshire cats

Мереке Искаков

  • Этюд

    Стихи Александра Файнберга

    Музыка Мереке Искакова

    Сирень лицом задень. Dm6

    Чуть-чуть, едва, случайно.

Kelis f Pharrell, Malice

  • Daddy

    [Verse 1 - Kelis] He has an appetite, for sex and cash He hangs on the corner, talking trash Or rollin`, in his freak mobile Mercedes Benz, on 20 inch wheels Gets calls all day, on his cellular phone From nasty girls, they won`t leave him alone He`s go...

Stephen Simmonds

  • Everything Is Nothing

    It`s all that i can think about
    I`m missin u crazy
    It`s like the weight of the world on me
    Sleepless and I`m thinning out
    When are you gonna save me
    Cus I need you within my reach

    Everything means nothi...

Михаил Барановский

  • Ушедшим друзьям

    Михаил Барановский

    Чай заварю покрепче,

    Пледом укрою плечи.

    Нас терпеливо лечит

    Время, как опытный врач.

    Верно, хотя и странно,

    Что заживают раны,

Hadiqa Kiyani

  • Boohey Barian

    Boohey barian, Ena li kanda tap key, Boohey barian Ena lee kanda tap key, Awaan gi hawa ban key, Boohey barian..hayee Boohey barian Ena lee kanda tap key, Awa gi hawa ban key, Boohey barian...hayee, Boohey barian ...

Stephen Speaks

  • Communion

    communion (luke 22:15-30) (t. mccloud) i`ve this sinking feeling i`m before Your throne and these songs i have been singing well they`re empty in my throat as this plate comes by i realize i`m close to the fire but i`m still ...

Марк Биндштейн

  • Девочка из нежных – виданное диво...

    Марк Биндштейн

    Девочка из нежных – виданное диво –

    Чем же вам потрафил перезрелый мальчик?

    Думалось высоко, виделось красиво –

    Оказалось, просто маленький романчик.

Hadley Tony

  • Lost In Your Love

    Lost In Your Love Tony Hadley ================= Beneath the flying stars Myself and sorrowed heart Was rolling dice with destiny We played for state of mind I lost of course and find That half of you is half of me What can I do? W...

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