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Stephen Curtis Chapman

  • Dive

    The long awaited rains Have fallen hard upon the thirsty ground And carved their way to where The wild and rushing river can be found And like the rains I have been carried here to where the river flows, yeah My heart is rac...

Kelly Rowland f Lil` Flip

  • Can`t Nobody (Remix)

    (talking) Lil` Flip, Kelly Rowland can`t nobody, and this the Remix! (Lil` Flip) Check me out! I`m tryna get with ya cause I like ya style I like the way that you dress and I like ya smile so let`s get away for a couple of days and we can jam (?Shawdr...

Ullman Tracey

  • Breakaway

    I made my reservation, I`m leaving town tomorrow I`ll find somebody new and there`ll be no more sorrow That`s what I do each time, but I can`t follow through I can`t breakaway, though you make me cry I can`t breakaway, I can`t say...

Wu-Tang Clan f Nas

  • Let My Niggas Live

    [Intro Skit] Someday I`m gonna be walkin down the streets, mindin my own business.. and BAM!! I`m gon` be shot by some pig who`s gonna SWEAR that it was a mistake.


  • After You

    ft. P. Diddy

    [P. Diddy and LL ad lib for 19 seconds]

    [LL Cool J]
    I know a honey named Millie, raised out in Philly
    Body so illy she make a grown man silly
    A brainiac really she pretend she dilly

Ultimate Fakebook

  • A Million Hearts

    It`s insane - don`t know why I came Guess just to see you here But from far away, all I see is him and I just move on this is crazy...


  • Celestial Voyage

    As I peered into my mortal cup of mind A moleten liquid of penance splashed my eyes Unseen truth, a divine surgery Reveals view, windows of faith The breeze to a raft of happiness Guiding cue, calmness in a mental lake A celestial...

Killah Priest f Ty-N

  • C U When I Get There

    [Intro: Killah Priest (Ty-N)] Uh, yeah, uh uh, uh uh, yo (uhhhh uhhhhhhhh uhhhhh) Uh uh, I miss you (Miss you) To Marcus, uh uh, Kev (Won`t forget you) Y`know I`m sayin I C U When I Get There [Killah Priest] We came a long way from duckin strays My ...


  • Angel Standing

    I look apon you from the shadows and your sweet voice resonates in my ears. I think about you when I`m hidden away, and losing you is the greatest of my fears.

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