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Юрий Мотлохов

  • Принесла мою любовь...

    Юрий Мотлохов

    Принесла мою любовь

    Круговерть весенних дней.

    Трудно рядом быть с тобой,

    Без тебя еще трудней.

    Мне бы на какой-то час


Throne Of Chaos

  • Bloodstained Prophecy

    Hie hence, be gone, away Dividing clouds reveal the day The dawn has broken from the dark And thou must leave my lair, so hark It was I who rode the demon wings That pierced their joyful purity At night my spirit lonely sings And...

Bogus Blimp

  • Brains

    When the majority of the brain-cells are dormant the mind is doll, stupid and even lazy. To remove these condition, therefor we must arouse, the dormant cells in those parts that are affected.

Bohemia Suburbana

  • Aire

    Hoy no quiero platicar contigo solamente verte actuar conmigo sin masticar asi un fruto prohibido que esta, muy podrido. Talvez podrias decirme tu, como podria un ser humano vivir en completa soledad... soledad.

Boiled In Lead

  • Back In Town

    Mister Decruz won`t you shake my hand? Do I look too much better than what you had planned? I been back since late last fall.

IAM f Beyonce

  • Bienvenue

    [Intro - Beyonce] Beyonce, IAM, welcome, welcome, yeah, hoooo [Chorus - Beyonce] Welcome, to a place where people Lie to your face just to get eternal Welcome, to the human quest If you ain`t got money, you`ll pay with pain Welcome to, this world abov...


  • Blackened To Be

    too many times we`ve been shackled to our feet with words of disdain from the shallow men far too long the truth has been withheld the genuine faith is the one that cling to our past it`s a time to abolish the standards of the we...


  • Cant Forget You

    I can still taste you on my lips I can still feel you touchin I can still hear the whisper in my ears I cant forget you I can still remember When you held me in your arms Like theres no tomorrow No tomorrow at all I ...

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