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Throbbing Gristle

  • Convincing People

    There`s never a way And there`s never a day To convince people You can play their game You can say their name But you won`t convince people There`s several ways There`s several ways To convince people It`s the name of the game It`...

Марина Меламед

  • Автобус (посв. Марику Камцану)

    Марина Меламед

    Мой беспечный автобус бежит на восход

    Под ламбаду и музыку Верди.

    И поёт, и стреляет, и шварму жуёт,

    И надеется он, что бессмертен.


Whale f Tricky

  • Kickin

    Drummer One, two, three, four Tricky and Cia Berg I wanna give birth to your baby, baby Scream all night long Exercise our breathing so they hear it in Vietcong Untangle my umbilical There`s no need to be political Let`s not get too serious Just try t...

Dunnery Francis

  • Crazy Is A Pitstop

    I never knew you could get high on water I never knew you could get full on nothing at all What if the question is the answer? What if living here isn`t living here at all It`s a big hal...

Steel Pulse

  • Biko`s Kindred Lament

    The night Steve Biko died I cried and I cried The night Steve Biko died I cried and I cried Biko, O, Steve Biko died still in chains Biko, O, Steve Biko died still in chains.


  • Blood Stained

    Did you not make me take the blame for you Did you not take me for a fool and then you made me cry What did you achieve, blood/hate I believe Watch as I deceive you in hell So you lived your life on a level of indiscretion which ...

Throes of Dawn

  • Across The Loveless Horizon

    This solitude is all I have
    cold nothingness is all I share
    with myself

    Embittered, by time and the loneliness
    so loveless
    is our horizon of emptiness

    Final sunset of our lives
    never to mis...

Duo Bella Vista

  • Hoffnungslos Verliebt

    Hoffnungslos verliebt, wir zwei sind hoffnungslos verliebt. Tglich wird`s schlimmer, diesmal fr immer, wie schn das es dich gibt. Und dazu hoffnungslos verrckt,wir zwei sind hoffnungslos verrckt.

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