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King Tee f Sledge *

  • Check the Flow

    * not 100% sure this is the MC`s name [Chorus] We got them, Sledge, (?) ruff heads (check the flow) King Tee`s on the set (check the flow) When niggaz try to get high-tech (check the flow) The dialect`s on the flex [Sledge] Watch this, when I shine I...


  • Art For Art`s Sake

    Art, art for art`s sake, I`d like you to meet my lawyer Heart, heart like a snake, make a mistake and boy your bones, bones gonna shake, could be slander Move, move to Brazil With bucks, bucks in the bank Bucks, bucks in the ba...


  • Piccola E Fragile

    Non dai modo di trsvarti mai sincera Magari hai vogliia e dici no Quanti bagni mozzafiato insieme e poi di sera Vicino vicino a me tremi un po` non cercare Di negare che stasera magari se inisito io ti avro.

Dry Cell

  • Body Crumbles

    Finally recover and the mood is right Looking up into a neon sky Child in me takes over, guess its been too long Since the last time that I tried to fly Finally I find when I lose control Inside my body crumbles Its like t...

Виктор Дурицын

Михаил Михеев

  • Чуйский тракт

    Михаил Михеев

    Есть по Чуйскому тракту дорога,

    Много ездит по ней шоферов.

    Был один там отчаянный шофер,

    Звали Колька его Снегирев.

    Он машину трехтон...

Thousand Foot Krutch

  • (Untitled)

    1.intro Hold up wait a minute no ones goin home when krutch is in it move over beg your pardon krutch gonna get this party started.

Kero One

  • Check the Blueprints

    * first single; send corrections to the typist Slowly and steadily MC`s are fallin off like leprosy Instead build immunity and spread insight through community These fundamentals, form the krux of longevity When melodies are looped and vocals harmoniz...


  • 30 60 90

    Hey, you cant complain about the sunshine When youre feeling a flatline And youre stuck in a low Hey, dont want to hear about the way you feel When youre the only one to sign the deal Your bed is made and youre lying in it ...

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