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Thought Riot

  • Black Watch

    It`s been suppressed and kept hidden, but I feel compelled to point out that history`s demonstrated lack of maturity in the power scene.


  • Crucifixion Must Hurt Like A Bitch

    Bleeding and suffering I laugh at you Divine is what you are not Torture and dying are well deserved The greatest hoax of all time Decadence follows a line of shit Pushed by a race of all-scum Blind by a veil of cowardice Do unto ...

Песни Чеченской войны

  • Санькина Фенька

    ; Дагестанская кампания - 99
    ; Дембельская песня федеральной авиации.
    ; From: Vitaly Mazur

    Опять подо мной распахнулся
    В квадратах полей Дагестан
    И трасеров стаи свистя пролетают.
    Закурим братишка Жита...

Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

  • Something Stupid

    I know I stand in line
    Until you think you have the time
    To spend an evening with me
    And if we go someplace to dance
    I know that there`s a chance
    You won`t be leaving with me

    Then afterwards we drop int...


  • a little more time

    Give me just a little more time and maybe we will find the words
    that will change our minds.
    Give me just a little more time.
    Give me just a little more time,
    cause I don’t want to leave the weight in this place behind.<...

Марина Гершенович

  • На отъезд из Сибири

    Марина Гершенович

    Этот запах кленовой смолы, эта млечная речь!

    По-школярски лопочет листвы безымянной орава.

    Чем поможешь, мой Боже, несносное древо сберечь,


Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra

  • The Key To The Gates Of Apocalypse

    I light the candles of my sorcery The blood is on the altar It flows from the sacrificed And fills the bowl to the top The visions of the ones That are impossible to call Gash through the mysteries That was summoned by me The step...

Mitchell Eddy

King Tee f Sledge *

  • Check the Flow

    * not 100% sure this is the MC`s name [Chorus] We got them, Sledge, (?) ruff heads (check the flow) King Tee`s on the set (check the flow) When niggaz try to get high-tech (check the flow) The dialect`s on the flex [Sledge] Watch this, when I shine I...

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