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Bobby Blue Bland

  • Ain`t Nothin` You Can Do

    Title: Ain`t Nothing You Can Do 2:37 Artist: Bobby Bland Writer: Deadric Malone, Joe Scott Label: Duke 375 Pop Chart #20 Mar 7, 1964 From Album: The Best of Bobby Blue Bland Notes: Robert Calvin Bland, a member of the ...

Bobby Boris Pickett

  • Monster Mash

    I was working in the lab late one nightWhen my eyes beheld an eerie sightAnd my monster, from his slab began to riseAnd suddenly to my surprise He did the monster mashhe did the mashIt was a graveyard smashhe did the mashIt caught...

Cheese Wallop

  • The Ballad Of `Brain Knight`

    Verse 1
    The militant bunkers where
    I imagine I`m in my lover`s bed
    We swam naked – we frolicked young and free
    Glistening wet like a froggies leg on a paraplegic`s knee
    I gazed into his eyes, what do I see

Changing Faces f/ R. Kelly

  • Stroke You Up

    Relax baby, I`m gonna make you feel real good
    Tonight is your night, come here
    Let`s get this shirt off
    Now tell me what you like
    Cause I make it everything you want
    Now come closer
    Uh-uh closer
    Don`t be...

Ice T

  • 6`n the mornin`

    6`n the morning` police at my door Fresh adidas squerk across the bathroom floor Out the back window I make a escape Don`t even get a chance to grab my old school tape Mad with no music but happy `cause I`m free And the streets to a player is the p...

Bobby Caldwell

  • First Time

    Wise men wait, Theyll always put their trust in fate. Fools never take the time, For love to really grow. They just dont know. And lonely dreamers, Wonder if they will ever find romance.

Ice-T f Brother Marquis

  • 99 Problems

    [Ice-T] Yeah, last year a lot of motherfuckers asked me why I didn`t do no old sex nasty shit But this year I went down to Miami and got my nigga from 2 Live Brother Marquis in the house! (Yeah I`m the motherfuckin nigga) Yeah, we gonna answer the que...

Thompson Sue

  • James (hold The Ladder Steady)

    (peak Billboard position # 17 in 1962) Words and Music by John D. Loudermilk James, James hold the ladder steady James, James I`m packed tonight I`m ready James, James hold the ladder steady I`m a`comin` down to your ar-ar-ar-rms ...

Thompson Twins

  • Don`t Mess With Dr. Dream

    Don`t mess with Dr. Dream - don`t mess with Dr. Dream - Come lay your head down on the stone so cool and white and welcome home. Oh lose your troubles ease your pain soothe your soul in golden rain.

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