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Crowned King

  • B Is For Britney / Hidden Track

    [Sung by Johnny Biggs (trombone player)]

    Now what starts with the letter b?
    Britney starts with b
    now let’s think of other things that start with b
    ah who cares about the other things?

    B is for Britney...

Staines Bill

  • A Cowboys Hard Times

    A COWBOY`S HARD TIMES Well, I once was a cowboy, and I used to run wild. And I rodeoed, wrangled, and rambled in style.


  • Bloody Sunday

    [Music & Words: KF] Remember well the 30th of January, The feeling of dread that was in the air. The people marched for their right to equality, They only wanted to be treated fair.

Thievery Corporation

  • Chove Chuva

    As I stand here and Remember when once our hearts were one and everyday was spring to me to be loved and to be in the sun Now the days are lonely the song of love is still they say I will forget you but I say I never will and...

Трудное Детство

  • Я готов целовать песок

    Мне бы жизнь свою как кинопленку
    Прокрутить на десять лет назад
    Чтобы стала ты простой девчонкой
    Чистой-чистой как весенний сад

    Вижу тень наискосок
    Рыжий берег с полоской ила
    Я готов целовать песок

Юлия Лорд

  • Муза-медуза

    Подкрадусь как солнце над волной Ничего не скрою Ты такой приватный и смешной За твоей спиною Я твоя муза, муза-медуза Резко иду в атаку Влюбленная муза, муза-медуза Видно любовь сквозь майку Подарю тебе электрошок И сотру на порошок Шоко-шоколадный ...


  • Good Enough

    I`ve got an aching in my bones
    I`ve been exposed to what I want to see
    The fuse is burning somewhere; it`s drenched in heat
    it`s where I long to be

    There`s always two sides you don`t have to suffer
    If this is...

Gibson Brothers

  • Latin America

    Kid, stay and snip your cord off, talk and let your mind loose, can`t
    all think like Chekov but you`ll be O.K.

Iced Earth

  • A Question Of Heaven

    The time is close now, the end is near My walk through the valley, trails of fear I feel empty, my penance overdue I guess it`s too late now To be with you I`m extremely frightened of what will surely be I sold myself, the death o...

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