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  • Change

    You came close this time Close to findin` a way A way to change my mind But I feel sure I`ve heard it before So you push yourself Always in my face Chance to realise That I`ve made mistakes But I`ve made my break Won`t get lef...

Mindi Abair

  • Happy

    I never cried for forgiveness I never cried to change it all I never remember feeling anything I never cried at all I never thought about my innocence I know exactly where it went I had no choice but to leave it behind I ne...

King Africa

  • La bomba

    Booooooommmmba (sensual) Un movimiento sensual (sensual) Un movimiento muy sexy (sexy) Un movimiento muy sexy (sexy) Y aquн se viene el africano con el baile que es una (bomba) Para bailar esto es una (bomba) para gozar esto es una (bomba) para menear ...


  • Cauda Draconis

    (Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson, June 1997, edited June 1999) In Pandemonium the rebellious counsel aligned.

Human Nature

  • 7 Lonely Days

    I wanna be, just where you wanna be I wanna be, just where you wanna be 7 lonely nights 7 lonely days I been thinking `bout you girl In just as many ways Running out of money Running out of time Feeling kind of empty Like...

Will Smith f Mary J. Blige

  • Got to be Real

    [Mary J. Blige] I always wanted you to be my baby When you touch me boy you drive me crazy I don`t wanna be your secret lover When I get you boy there`ll be no other You and me its gotta be (the real thing) Diamond, gold I`ll set you free (my baby) Wai...


  • Black Horde Of Blasphemy

    Black knights of the apocalypse wage war under blackened skies The legion of the left hand path will rise under the vision of the moonlight Forever we will stand against the defenders of the light We are the children of darkness ...

Francisco Mendez

  • A Un Centнmetro Del Cielo

    Hay quieres se juran que en el cielo,
    Esperan por una vida mejor,
    Yo realmente creo que entre tus brazos,
    A un centнmetro del cielo,
    Vivo el verdadero amor.

    Yo realmente creo que estando arriba,
    Arriba ...

Warren G f Drag-On, Eve, Shadow

  • I Want It All

    [Drag-On] (Warren G) C`mon (The Ruff Ryders) Flame on (Double R, baby) Flame on, c`mon, c`mon, c`mon, c`mon [Drag-On] Aiyyo, y`all niggas take too long wrapping them up in duct tape Me, I just make sure they stomp like crush grapes I make the hardest ...

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