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Blues Brors

  • (i Got Every Thing I Need) Almost

    I got everything I need, almost I got everything I need, almost But I don`t got you And you`re the thing I need the most I got a car that I bought Won`t get me far I gotta wish on a star Tell me mama I got everything I...

Mike Douglas

  • The Men In My Little Girl`s Life

    The men in my little girl`s life The men in my little girl`s life It seems like only yesterday when I heard my little girl say Daddy, there`s a boy ouside, his name is Rod.

Mike Flowers Pops

  • Call Me

    If you`re feeling sad and lonely, There`s a service I can render. Tell the one who loves you, only, I can be so warm and tender. Call me. Don`t be afraid, you can Call me. Maybe it`s late, but just Call me.

Cree Summer

  • Angry Boy

    Blending his grin into a sneer Up to his neck in ancient shit Hed make a real good military beast But Im afraid thats about it Talking off the wall in a voice to shut you out Angry boy He would rather kill than find a cure f...

Mike Heron

  • Born to Be Gone

    I remember the night when my dog died I was sitting just smiling by his side When my Daddy came in He could see I was grinning He thought I was a cruel and a cold Six year old Oh pack up your bone It`s time to roll on I kn...

Алла Иошпе

  • Неприметная красота

    Никто не приглашает на танцы Никто не провожает до домa Смешную угловатую девчонку Тихоню и не модную совсем Ну как вам не понятно ребята Что красота лишь внешне приятна Не могут быть на свете все красивыми А счастье почему-то ...

Kool Keith

  • 27 Shots

    [Kool Keith] They try to say California is plastic I think New York got the most plastic niggaz too Fuck all you niggaz comin out to the Soul Train Awards with them pop ass headsets - around your ears like Britney Spears That`s some old Bobby Brown and...


  • Born Again

    Eyes wide, life forces us, to feed of our own fears of others in order to further our own interest.

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