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  • Alltid Ha Mer

    stirrar upp i de svarta sjдrnorna lyser
    vackert vдl men ja kan inte fatta
    vad de betyder
    de bдsta kostar ingenting naturen bjuder generцst
    mеnen visar alltihop men utan tack de meningslцst
    fцr дndе bara springer vi ...

The Warren Brothers

  • Enemy

    I know it`s true but I guess nobody has to tell you I don`t always listen and I talk too much I think I`m in tune when I`m out of touch Baby Don`t tell me I`ve done it again There`s a tear on your face with my name on it And at th...


  • Abdoujaparov (Theme Song)

    He`s a dangerous man from Uzbeckistan
    He is the Tashkent Terror and I can`t say fairer
    And he don`t give a fuck coz he took too many drugs (allegedly)
    And I miss him very much, so we try to keep in touch


Faktor 2

  • Красавица

    Еслиб знала ты как хочу я тебя
    Думал на уроке один парень про себя, про себя
    На училку химии смотря
    Молодая девушка ещё она была
    Сразу после института в школу к нам работать пришла
    И наших пацанов свела с ума

Midnight Sons

  • If Only Tears Could Bring You Back

    How will I start Tomorrow without you here Who`s heart will guide me When all the answers disappear Is it too late Are you too far gone to stay This one`s forever Should never have to go away What will I do You know I`m...

Midnight Ure

  • Breathe

    With every waking breath I breathe I see what life has dealt to me With every sadness I deny I feel a chance inside me die Give me a taste of something new To touch, to hold, to pull me through Send me a guiding light that shines...


  • I Got A Line On You

    (Randy California) Let me take you, baby Down to the riverbed Got to tell you something Go right to your head I got a line on you, baby I got a line on you I got a line on you I got a line on you, baby Gotta put your arms around m...

Felicia Sorenson

  • Once

    Once there were oceans
    endless emereld forests
    filled with sounds of magic
    once so ling ago

    Once I was jaded
    thought I knew a few things
    understood so little
    had so much to lose


Wyclef Jean f Elephant Man and Wayne Won

  • I Am Your Doctor

    [Intro & Chorus: Wyclef Jean] I am your doctor (Yeah yeah yeah) here`s the prescription (Girl!!!) Two teaspoons of my friendship, a full cup of my love (Yo Wayne Wonder, you ready to talk to the girls, let`s go) [Verse 1: Wayne Wonder] + (Wyclef Jean)...

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