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The Tamperer

  • Feel It

    You got it on the side A little one night thing I`ve bought it over and it`s time that I`ll forgive you Well, I`m not letting go But don`t forget I know You made your bed and she was in it, no no no What`s she gonna look like wit...

The Tea Party

  • Cathartik

    i never wanted to be a simple man i`d rather live all my days as a lion than a thousand as a lamb i only wanted to see what would happen to me if i followed the road that leads to the palace we all seek did you come here lamenti...


  • Abracadabra

    This is a story called abracadabra A story about fairies and colours Magic and scents, in a secret world A world of fantasy, where all wishes come true If you feel the need to dream Just close your eyes and listen to the Soundlove...

Bliss 66

  • Crazy Nights

    I rememeber those crazy nights Too much to drink, and too many fights Outside in the pouring rain On my knees screaming out your name And I remember like yesterday All the game I knew you`d play Lying naked in the cold I believe t...

Off Minor

  • A Transient

    I told the new me: Meet me at the bus station and hold a sign that reads: `Today is the first day of the rest of your life` But the old me met me with a sign that read: Welcome back Who you are is not a function of where you are.



  • Another World

    Yes we all Are from another world We`re alone Having such a power Something new Happened to the people welcome to the new world There was another world far away Where lived some men, men like us They were really too clever, their ...

Александра Савельева

  • Любовь нельзя купить

    Надоели слова, нет внутри больше сил. И опять за окном дождь свои слёзы лил. И так трудно летать, опускаются крылья. Одинокая страсть их испачкала пылью. Припев: Любовь нельзя купить. Любовь нельзя продать. Как тоненькую нить, Её нельзя порвать.


  • I Hear You Call

    `Though you don`t call me anymore I find myself waiting be no more letters from you so what`s wrong anticipating ? I wanna tell you so the way I`ve been changing my life but if you come back to me let water change to wine.


  • Enjoy Me Now

    Hey girl I`m back, say did you miss me? I was in the backyard just taking a piss I`m out of money, so will you buy me a whiskey? After one or two you might look all right Hey, enjoy me now Tomorrow I`ll be banging my head against ...

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