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Geschwister Fahrenberger

  • Wenn die Alpenrosen blühn

    Wenn die Alpenrosen blühn

    wenn die Berge rot erglühn

    die seit Ewigkeiten stehn

    dann ist die Welt auch heut noch schön!
    Wenn im Tal die Linde rauscht

    wenn dei...

Other Ones, The

  • Holiday

    Another holiday -
    you`re walking straight ahead

    But you`re looking to your right

    Got your eyes down low but you hold your head high.
    A holo hola ho and a hola hola hey - another holiday.

Yellowstone and Voice

  • Philosopher

    All of the children in the park
    Searching the sculpture to find where you are
    All of the blind men in the dark follow you
    Do you know where you go?
    All of the travelers on the road
    Put down the burdens to see where ...


  • Darkness

    and then i think about just every little thing and then i fade on the edge of this darkness and then i sing just one last song a song so sweet but so full of darkness darkness, so full of darkness i am so full of darkness this fee...

Bleeding Through

  • City Of The Condemned

    it`s fucking freezing outside because i saw you tonight and almost died. looks like i`ve seen too many winters in my mind. your stare is cold. you better turn and run away because you`re the evil. we will keep on hunting you.

US Marine Corps

  • Halls Of Montezuma

    From the Halls of Montezuma To the Shores of Tripoli; We will fight our country`s battles In the air, on land and sea; First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title of Uni...

Divine Empire

  • Aggravated Battery

    Slice of the blade, penetrate the flesh Form pools of blood, your head I crush With broken glass, in cruor you are blessed Scream like a bitch, into your face my fist! Your turn to pray, time to feel karma Violent wrath, persecut...

Metin Ilhan

  • Mabeyadi

    Wänna, wänna, wänna, wänna, wänna meleyl. Wänna, wänna, wänna, wänna, wänn edeheyl. Wänna, wänna, wänna, wänna, wääänna meleyl.


  • Empty

    There was no way out, the only way out was to give in
    There was no way out, the only way out was to give in
    How I love to give in

    Here no one sleeps, one lays up while the other lies down
    Where no one sleeps, o...

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