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Sauce Money

  • 3 Strikes soundtrack

    [Sauce Money] MC rhymin.. .. uhh uhh Uhh, uh uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh MC, MC, M-A-R-C-Y Uhh, uh.. MC rhymin, chart climbin With the baguettes, Roley shinin We smokin the best trees, I bet some skins on it I got a SE, twenty inch rims on it I got playaz...

В.Шахрин И.Демьян

  • Журавлик

    Как за меня матушка Всё просила Бога, Всё поклоны била, Целовала крест. А сыночку выпала Дальняя дорога, Хлопоты бубновые, Пиковый интерес. Журавль по небу летит, Корабль по морю идёт.

Ivy Queen

  • Cuentale

    Eeeeeeh nah nah nah
    nah nah nah nah nah

    Cuentale, que la doma de tu cuerpo
    es testigo de un encuentro, y lo hicimos a lo lento (dale)
    y dile, que esa huella de lapiz labial
    fue cuando te dejaste besar, c...


  • Bumpin Yo Gums

    often a playa think on how the game use to be
    continue this cash flow
    with bustas runnin` wit me
    we were sucka free
    releasin` heat for the city no pity
    for motherfuckas gettin` rolled like phillies
    it`s ...


  • And On

    Your mother was crying Your father passed her a handkerchief Their tear-stained faces Looked to mine for a sign of grief A thousand raincoats Always stand around too long But I stayed to talk with you After they had gone.

Chico and Coolwadda f Kurupt, Defari and

  • Wild `N Tha West

    [Coolwadda] I thank, so if I don`t your considered slippin Then I gots to get you even if we aint trippin Fuck that nigga who aint Wadda try to certify Got love for Chico anybody else we do not vibe I think niggas try to flip the old school shit too mu...

Diamond D and the Psychotic Neurotics

  • Best Kept Secret

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, c`mon, uh, to the westside, yeah, c`mon, to the eastside, c`mon c`mon, to the northside, yeah Fat Joe in the house, to the southside, WhizOne in the house, to my man Showbiz in the house, huh, aiiiyo bust it...

South Park Mexican f Grimm, Rasheed

  • Hillwood Hustlaz

    [Chorus: Grimm] Boy ya neva shoulda fucked with uuus We da Hillwood hustlaaaaaz Niggas known for bustin sluuugs Makin money sellin sluts and druuugs [Verse 1: SPM] I`ma motherfuckin Hillwood cowboy Falfuria raised Mr. C. Coy, a.k.a.

Cool Breeze f Nivea

  • East Points Greatest Hits

    [Hook: Nivea (Cool Breeze)] (The field) What we waiting for, let`s finish it (The field) We can`t run no more, we innocent (The field) What we waiting for, we innocent (The field) We can`t run no more, let`s finish it (The field) [Verse 1] See where I...

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