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Chicos Tn-acos

  • Life In Pelush

    Estaba Peluchin sentada en el jardn hablaba con Yumbel de pizza y taco bell Mi Pelush (chorus) tu ru ru ru ru tu tu ru ru ru ru tu Mi Pelush tu ru ru ru ru tu tu ru tu ru Y Pelush siempre esta sentada por alla, y siempre con las S...

Mark Stewart

  • Stranger

    There is a place for us some... Somewhere There is a place for us Over the borderline Somewhere There is a place for us Somewhere Over the borderline This is stranger This is stranger So much stranger than love Th...

Chief Basil And The Offbeat Allstars

  • I`m Too Secty

    I`m too secty for my love too secty for my love Love`s going to leave me I`m too secty for my shirt, too secty for my shirt So secty it hurts And I`m too secty for Milan too secty for Milan New York and Japan And I`m too secty for...

July For Kings

  • Champagne

    I want to dream you a beautiful dream. I want to hold you in the dark it would seem that no one sees me like you do no one moves the way you move and I can`t see anything else I want to take you now.

Mark Wills

  • 19 Somethin`

    I saw star wars atleast eight times Had the pac-man pattern memorized I`ve seen the stuff they put inside...


  • Changing Your Demeanour

    Here we are we`ve come to call with pipes and flutes and fiddles and all In case of death we`ve even brought a keener, So, if you`re glum and feeling down just feel like us And act the clown and soon there`ll be a change in your d...

Baizura Ning

  • Alangkah

    Di heningnya sepi Inginku terus lena Mendakap ilusi Yand datang mewarna mimpi Oh bagaikan syurga Berarak awan nan indah Membawa ku pergi sama Jauh dari alam realiti [chorus *] Alangkah indah Hidup bermimpi Penuh dengan fantasi Tan...


  • My Boyfriend`s Back

    He been away, you hung around Botherin` me every night When I wouldn`t go out with you You said things that weren`t very nice.

The Hamptons

  • My Jacket

    Mmmmm yeah, uh huh, ooooh I see you everyday girl, theres something Id like to tell ya If you just listen to the words ooooh Chorus: You can wear my jacket (To let em know your mine) Hold my hand girl (Girl I know you ain`t asha...

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