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Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Aint No Good Life

    (steve gaines) Aint no good life Not the one that I lead cause the more I fight the sadness, yeah It only seems the more that I grieve Well I look back on the good times As some lost part of me I wanna know, tell me why i...

The Genius and Maximillion

  • Shadowboxin`

    Intro: Method Man/Johnny Blaze [special technique] Fuck that [special technique of shadowboxing] God damn (The GZA, god damn!) (The GZA, god damn!) Pledge allegiance to the hip-hop! (Method, god damn!) I pledge allegiance to the ...

The Genius Gza

  • B.i.b.l.e

    BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH (2x)(CHORUS 2x) the basic instructions before leaving earth life is a test may we quest the universeand through my research, i felt the joy and the hurt the first shall be last and the last ...

A Salty Dog

  • A Salty Dog

    `All hands on deck, we`ve run afloat!` I heard the captain cry
    `Explore the ship, replace the cook: let no one leave alive!`
    Across the straits, around the Horn: how far can sailors fly?
    A twisted path, our tortured course, ...

Maureen McGovern

  • (I`ve Got) Beginner`s Luck

    For I`ve got beginner`s luck
    The first time that I`m in love
    I`m in love with you
    Gosh, I`m lucky

    I`ve got beginner`s luck
    There never was such a smile
    Or such eyes of blue
    Gosh, I`m fortunate

The Get Up Kids


  • Heaven Help My Heart

    ALBUM: Chess by Bjorn and Benny (yes! from ABBA) and Tim Rice SONG: Heaven help my Heart If it were love I would give that love every second I had and i do did i know where he`d lead me to? did i plan doing all of this for the lov...

Алексин Горячие головы

  • Вверх-вниз

    Вверх-вниз, вверх-вниз Туда-сюда, туда-сюда Вверх-вниз, вверх-вниз Туда-сюда, туда-сюда Туда-сюда, туда-сюда Пришёл к тебе в гости.


  • Living in the Last Dayz

    [VERSE 1] We living in the last days of our lives Let`s change our ways be faithful to our wives Let`s be more giving to these children Lets try and see different and stop the killing Empty lots and abandoned buildings One man gets shot another one los...

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