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Gavin DeGraw

  • (Nice to Meet You) Anyway

    I don`t wanna get too close I don`t wanna get too close See this isn`t where my head is If you knew me, I`m not like this But I just found someone special And that`s really something special if you knew me Nice to meet you a...


  • Ring King

    Get out the way nigga, you fuckin` with a two ton brick Armed and dangerous and I`m about to fuck up shit Ready to kill for the sake of the squad I rolls with And everyone knows how to squab I rolls with Suited and booted, ready for the drama if it cra...

Cha Cha

  • Dear Diary

    [Cha Cha] Cha Cha, uh-huh Ninety-nine (Cha), you know Cha, Cha, ah, ah Ladies I see Cha got to sit wit` y`all, spit to y`all For about a half-a-minute, listen y`all It`s gettin` hard, even sickening just to look at y`all Look at y`all, hard to turn ch...

Daz Dillenger

  • Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back

    (Daz talking) I want them 20 dollar pores bwoy, Get your sharp sticks! We`re going to la la land (hahaha)we`re going to the moon We`re going to serve these motherfuckers tonight Boy you got your shit? Bitch Ass Nigga! You want static!? Yo! Go get the h...


  • Aborticide (In The Crypts Of Holiness)

    Christian descendant sppiled painful Abhorrent death from immortal sin of lust Nocturnal pleasures of mother superior Aborticide inside the temple of holiness Sacred moribund child-nailed alive seed Son of the underdog god-impaled...

Mo Thugs (Flesh-N-Bone)

  • Riot

    [Flesh-N-Bone] Yeah, yeah Unh huh, unh huh, callin` all my trues (trues) Mo Thug family bringin` it to ya once again Callin` all my thugstas, thugstas, thugstas Thugstas and hustlas, hustlas, hustlas Callin` all my thugstas, thugstas, thugstas Thugstas...


  • Never. No one else

    turn around, that`s the time of our love that is never enough that is all that we were receiving you will not ever find me again never lose me like then i will not ever happen to see you turn around, that`s the time of goodbyes our truth, our lies th...

Steady Mobb`n f Prime Suspects

  • Hit a Lick

    [New 9] Chorus We done hit a lick, open up shop Clear the block, we bout to make this motherfucker hot x2 [Uzi] The catie was the toolie that we chose for duty Came up on some bricks, the Mob and PS in some gangsta shit again The Bay and gumbo connect...

Александр Софронов, Александр Воронин

  • Запиши телефон

    Стихи Александра Воронина

    Музыка Александра Софронова

    Em Em/G Am7

    Запиши телефон, но не стоит звонить,

    H7 Em

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