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The Foghat

  • Blue Spruce Woman

    David Anderson - Fourth Floor Music - ASCAP Well my blue spruce woman came outta` the woods up to my city flat, Look like she been playin` with the animals, I couldn`t tell her that.

Intoxicated f Baby D, Sammy Sam

  • Get `Em

    [Sammy Sam] There they go, Get `Em! There they go, where they at There they go, where they at There they go, where they at There they go, where they at There they go, where they at There they go, where they at [Sammy Sam] I bet`cha wont hit a mother f...

Deep End

  • Old Man Under The Moon

    And the old man sits there under the moon Bloody fingers strummin` a guitar out of tune No sense of touch and the man can`t see Blind as the devil is to me The mask he wears it hides his eyes Blind yet he sees more than I You say,...

Simone Nina

  • I Put A Spell On You

    by Jay Hawkins performed by Marilyn Manson: I put a spell on you Because you`re mine. I can`t stand the things that you do. No, no, no, I ain`t lyin`. No. I don`t care if you don`t want me `Cause I`m yours, yours, yours anyhow.


  • Sunny

    Sunny warum siehst du immer nur dein Geld? Sunny Money ist nicht alles auf der Welt! Nur die Liebe zählt für mich allein die tausche ich gegen gar nichts ein! Sunny - ein`s weit du - - - I love you! Sunny früher ...

Bob Dylan / Guns n` Roses

  • Knockin` on Heaven`s Door

    I`m 12 o`clock, all daylight hours, I`ll warm your bed, I`ll grow
    your flowers. Like I`m a miniature sun this ball ignited when she
    told me I was her only one.
    I`m not the same now. I`m not that plain little boy.

Etoski feat.Vuirausch

  • Wichserstaße

    Vuirausch - Wichserstraße(Nov.2000)

    geile Ischn in da Kuchl
    de kennan obirutschn in Buckl
    Wenn ma`s probiern wu-fu Glick
    fur manche is des jo da großte Kick
    Doch fur Looser wie mir w...


  • Dead God`s Saga

    It was very long ago When the Flood absorbed the Earth And the mighty ancient low Deeped into the Abyss doors The roaring of the breakers Muffled the cry of madness The despair and the fear bear in the tranquil sadness In this dem...

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