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Baby D

  • Eastside vs. Westside

    (Talkin) Baby D off in dis bia bia Eastside nigga Lil C off in dis bia bia bia Westside nigga Eastside Hoe! Westside Nigga! Eastside Hoe (Naw nigga westside biatch!) - (7x) Eastside Hoe (4x) Naw Nigga, westside biatch (4x) (Baby D) Just call me mot...

Narcotic Thrust

  • I like it

    I hate the treadmill everyday I hate the mundane things they say the boredom sets in 9 to 5 at night that`s when i come alive I long to be connected I long to be affected the bright lights beckon me beckon me to you I like it when we go to extremes I...

Die Doofen

  • Der Grosse-Onkel Quetschungs-Blues

    Als ich heute erwachte
    kocht ich Kaffee
    da fiel mir das Gewürzbord auf denm großen Zeh

    Ich sagte erstmal: Aua
    dann suchte ich nach Jod
    doch in der Hausapotheke
    lag nur ein Stück altes Br...

Ivan Parker

  • A Moment Such As This

    The Family`s at the table
    Everyone`s in place
    Grandma has to smile as her voice is plend in pain
    Remembering the fever prowls the hurts she`s gently kissed
    It`s all been worth it for a moment such as this


Wu-Tang Clan

  • A Better Tomorrow

    [Inspectah Deck] Yo, this goes for all my brothers and sisters locked down For all my peoples incarcerated, for those who ain`t make it Yo, in the housing, thousands seen early graves Victims of wordly ways, memories stays engraved All my live brother...

Buddha Monk f BabyFace Fensta, Drunken D

  • Manly Musa, Redz, Spiritual Assassin

    Typed by: Masta10304@HotMail.Com [Intro: Buddha Monk] Allah is God, We came here to travel and speak the truth to those who do not know themselves. We do the knowledge to everythin in our existence and expense forth the truth.


  • Cut Friends

    [Camoflauge] Say it ain`t Come here lil` ma, come here What ya name, eh (I got a man) You got a man Oh, your name `You Got A Man` Aight, I`m Camoflauge Yea, I`m Camoflauge I don.., I don`t wanna be your man I, I, I just wanna be your friend, yea [Vers...


  • Ainsi Soit-Il

    [J. Kyll] La couleur verte n`existe plus que sur le dos des reptiles Et а part eux, toute forme d`organe vital devient stйrile А perte de vue, des оles de bйton, des ocйans de magma Sous un ciel rouge et gris, le vent souffle ses cris, son haleine fйti...

C-Murder f B.G.

  • Y`all Heard of Me

    [Chorus: C-Murder, B.G.] Now all y`all done heard of me now I`m C-Murder I did done things y`all ain`t never heard of now I`m a fool boy, you call me a fool it`s on I`m willing to die for mine, I`m willing to die for mine Now all y`all did heard of me...

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