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Dilated Peoples (Evidence, DJ Babu)

  • Reservation for One

    [Evidence] Yo, accept defeat as I drop after the heat Don`t provoke, come fully equipped Daggered and Cloak So what you wanna do? I came in bumpin Jack of Spades You came in wit Two of Hearts by Stacey Q? Femine is your drumtracks, one hat no rise My ...


  • 4 Alarm Blaze

    Lil Fame: Seventy-five Raised on a strip called here brotha hill Where guns pop and cops get killed This is the place where paranoya Destroyin niggas cash cases mo try to flash they lawyers Were losin it Four fives and knives ...

Snoop Dogg and W.C.

Cru f Black Rob

  • Nuthin` But

    {Black Rob} Aiyo I`m just lottin thru cuz I finished with that booty call Green Acres more, lot and Queens had it all Got the beat from my man Big Stan 50 Grand Rhythem Blunt Cru, Black Rob in demand {Chadeeo} Mic check one, and the mic check two Rhyt...

Drag-On f Styles P

  • Respect My Gangsta

    Yeah, what up? New York City, what up? This your boy, to the Dash S.P., Double R Hell and Back Styles straight out the penn [Styles P] You don`t like my shit you could bite my dick I got a case, I`ma fight my shit I got a blunt, I`ma light my shit I`m...

Mr. Jinks

  • I`m Bout It (Soundtrack)

    [Mr. Jinks] I`ll ride for u homie, I`ll cry for u homie, I`ll die for u homie <4x> I`ll ride, cry, die for u really don`t give a fuck I know you`d do the same for me too cause that`s homie luv Time after time I done had to grab my nine for u homie, my...

Natalie Imbruglia

  • Always Never

    theres colours in between us,oh but still it looks the same.
    u`d stand here before me, waking me up with it`s wonderful pain.
    the buzz is coming for us.
    then u wake up and your walking in circules.
    shaking the hand of bad...

Soopafly f Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Tray-D

  • Hell Ya

    Soopafly: [Daz] (talking) [Hey Soopafly I got a beat for ya] Let me hear it [ Check it out, you like that?] Yeah, I like that, Now that`s what the fuck I`m talkin` bout [ha] [What you call it?] I call that gangsta shit, nigga Muthafucka I call it, Wh...

Cypress Hill f Fermнn IV Caballero

  • Los Grandes Йxitos en Espaсol

    [B-Real] Yo te meto en candela Prende las velas pa la pelea Cuando crees que tu ganas yo mato a quien sea Cypress Hill son asesinos Yo fumo mota con todos mis vecinos Abre tus ojos si tu quieres entender Yo te enseсo todo porque tengo el poder Te llevo...

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