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  • Chango

    El otro dia yo vi un hombre
    un hombre feo, parece chango
    esta peludo hasta la barrigay
    en su espalda parece bosque
    Pero ay feo, feo
    que feo chango
    Miralo (repeat)


bennie man

  • who am i

    Song: Who Am I Artist: Bennie Man Tab Writer: Jцrg Bьhmann ( This Dancehall tune rocks always.


  • Blowin` Sky High

    T N T pass it around give it to me cause I believe I`m gonna need help defending my streets your guns won`t win the wild west my weapon won`t fail when the button`s pressed dynamite blowin sky high blowin sky high tonight hosti...


  • Dialogue From A Film

    You, you are the one behind this. You, you try to deconstruct us. We see through and unmask you. Your false fronts have been removed. Surrender now, this time you`ve met your match.

berry chuck

  • 12 bar blues

    12 bar blues: E Blues Sorry but I made a mistake the top part of the tab is the bass and the bottom half is the trebble.


  • clon

    Clon recorded by Mecate lyrics and music by Mecate Tab transcription by Ben Scholwasky ( I make this transcription, maybe is not good at all, but i do it as i can :-).Here`s the Clon by Mecate,a favorite of mine.

medeski martin and wood

  • pappy check

    artist: medeski, martin & wood album: uninvisible track: pappy check tabbed by: justin reynolds ( here is the main riff, everthing is a variation .


  • Back And Forth

    I hear my anger
    And it`s screaming at me
    Your words
    Attack my senses
    And make me scream

    Looking back and forth at you
    Should I, should I
    Waste my time now?
    Looking back and forth...

bessies milk jug

  • the song we wrote last night

    Song: The Song We Wrote Last Night Artist: Bessie`s Milk Jug Tabbed By: Cash Moore ( Intro/Bridge G|-------------------------| D|*-----------------------*| A|*-----------------------*| E|---333-55555-666-000-22--| ...

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