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Виктор Федоров

  • Приглашение к сказке

    Туманное утро. Нетоптаны тропы, Где в травах росистых веснянка земли Достигнув небес громогласливый ропот В деревнях российских взросли тополя.

Игорь Кузьмин, Владимир Рагимов

Hot Boys

  • 3 Strikes

    [Lil Wayne] I got popped in 94` them people caught me with some coke But I pleaded as a user so the judge let me go Now I`m back on the streets with six months of probation Can`t go out the state so I can`t take no vacation Got to watch my conversation...

Willie Rosario

  • Ignorante


    Nada sabes del amor, no conoces bien la vida
    Y provocas a mн ser, con tu ignorancia divina.
    Ignorante__, Ignorante__. Yo no te puedo querer,
    Para mi eres una niсa, con el cuerpo de mujer.

Au Pairs

  • Armagh

    We don`t torture, we`re a civilized nation We`re avoiding any confontation We don`t torture, we don`t torture American hostages in Iran Heard daily on the news forget about Vietnam You can ignore the 32 There are 32 women in Armag...

my red bullet

  • her eyes on

    Opening section:- e----x-----------5--5--5--5--------------5--5--5--5------------------------------------ b----x-----------7--7--7--7--------------7--7--7--7------------------------------------ g----x-----------7--7--7--7--------------7--7--7--7-----...


  • 53 Hours

    your words seem so vague from hot lips, from your cold lips mostly forgetting more than just the topic melting eyes losing sight and breaking away fighting a memory of the touch my eyes catching hold and wishing to stay but instea...

my ruin

  • Absolution

    i wanna live in the pretty sun but daylight just makes me numb so i cover up my scars with velvet drapes that kill rock stars change my mood lick my wounds trust will lead us to the truth drown myself in misery sleep with my enemy...

my vitriol

  • always your way

    ALWAYS YOUR WAY As recorded by My Vitriol (Released as a Single in 2000) Words by Som WardnerMusic by My Vitriol Transcribed by John Henson for more my vitriol tabs <>...

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