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  • Any Other Night

    (hmm.. ohh ohh ohh yea.. hmm) any other night, you woulda been somewhere wit yo friends any other night, youda had thangs to do (ohh) any other night, i woulda been home alone- in my bed any other night, i would want to see yo...


  • Beyond Salvation

    The wolves carries my name In their midnight speeches And that quiet subtle voice Is summoning me from afar And a voice much closer Screams to me with unholy impatience And the weight of your soul Will decide it`s final resting ...

Sharon Cuneta

  • Kahit Wala Ka Na

    Minsan ang buhay parang musika
    Puro tunog, damdamin ay wala
    Pag iyong naririnig, may hinahanap pa
    Wala nang buhay, may kulang pa rin.

    Ito ang nadama ng mawala ka
    At sa haba ng gabi, nasanay din ako

Sharp Kevin

  • If You Love Somebody

    Mount everest, I`ll climb it No problem, just say when Mississippi, I`ll swim it Down ot the delta and back again If you love somebody It ain`t that hard If you love somebody To go that far Well, there ain`t no limit to the things...

The Corrs

  • All In A Day

    All in a day, she saw the face in the mirror lie To her dismay, she saw the child that was in her die And she cried... overnight `Cos what she sees...

Leandro E Leonardo

  • Cerveja

    Hoje sexta-feira Chega de canseira Nada de tristeza Pega uma cerveja Pe na minha mesa Hoje sexta-feira Traga mais cerveja T de saco cheio T pra l do meio Da minha cabea Chega de aluguel Chega de patro O corao no cu E o sol no co...


  • Моя любовь

    Что происходит между нами Во тьме ночной, при свете дня Ты - водопад моих желаний По крайней мере для меня Кто ты любовь Моя и ласка Печаль моя И грусть моя А может ты Всего лишь сказка Которую Придумал я Придумал я Как объяснить мои мытарства Во ть...

Buffalo Springfield

  • Bluebird

    Listen to my bluebird laugh. She can`t tell you why. Deep within her heart, you see, She knows only crying. Just crying. There she sits, a lofty perch. Strangest color blue. Flying is forgotten now. Thinks only of you. Just you.


  • Bring It On

    Im sexy im cute
    im popular to boot
    im bitchin great hair
    the boys all love to stare
    im wanted im hot
    im everything ur not
    im pretty im cool
    I dominate this school
    Who am I just guess

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