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Shanice and Johnny Gill

  • Silent Prayer

    I send to you my silent prayer Before I sleep at night I send to you my silent prayer Baby, so youll be alright Every mornin I think of you I just cant shake of my dreams, no, no I read the paper and watch the news I dont know it...


  • A Far Cry

    In the dead of the night On the wings of the wind I hear the ocean bell With a flash of the light In the beat of the dark The sound I know so well I shall never forget you Its been so long I should never have left you The call so ...

Shanice Wilson

  • (baby Tell Me) Can You Dance

    I see you in the corner starin in space Actin like youre groovin with the look upon your face I see you smilin at me, you want to know my name But if you wanna play, boy, you got to play my game What I really want to know Is can ...


  • Abhainn An TSluaigh

    Chaneil an t-adhar os cionn Lunnainn a nochd soileir no dorch. Fada bho abhainn an t-sluaigh. Gun sgial air coinneal mor latha no reultan na h-oidhche. Fada bho abhainn an t-sluaigh.


  • Ain`t Got No Remedy

    Tonite I`m lying here without you
    And it feels like hell baby
    Without your love, your love
    And I`m no good less I`m around you
    Like you can`t tell baby
    You all I want, I want
    I get up and I, pick up the ...

Calling, The

  • Adrienne

    I`ve been thinking about you, my love
    And all the crazy things that you put me through
    Now I`m coming around, Throwing it back to you
    Were you thinking of me when you kissed him
    Could you taste me when you licked his ...


  • Big Girls Need Love Too

    Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey [Hi-C] + (female) Yup (big girls need love too) Yup, yup, yup Where you at, where you at, where you at? Yeah (big girls need love too) Yeah, here we go momma Good God damn! Girl you done did it Your ass sittin out and...

T. S. Eliot/Andrew Lloyd Webber

  • The Old Gumbie Cat

    I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name is Jennyanydots;
    Her coat is of the tabby kind, with tiger stripes and leopard spots.
    All day she sits upon the stair or on the steps or on the mat:
    She sits and sits and sits and sits - an...

Walter & Kazha

  • The war is not over

    The war is not over

    1. I slowly walk into the night arround
    To see how dreams of people die
    They gently fall from windows all around
    And crash against the ground like glass
    And I’m so sorry I’m so helpless in...

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