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Вилли Винки

  • Завернувшись в ночь

    Завернувшись в ночь, утекает прочь день вчерашний, И торшер луны льет из глубины свет дрожащий. И провода перезвоном струн в руках столбов озябших Через года телеграммы шлют для нас с тобой. Небо крошит лед, и он течет из глаз родниками.


  • Аленка

    Ты самая красивая девчонка, Все во дворе зовут тебя Аленка. Гуляешь ты с другим, но я не знаю, Ну почему я по тебе скучаю.

Bee Gees

  • 2 Years On

    One year, two years, time goes by. People laugh and people cry. Evry morning the clock strikes eight. I go to work. I close the gate. And on my way, I sing a song. About my wife, where I belong.

Dudes of Wrath

  • Shocker

    See the Shadow of a Stranger
    Turn around and your Lie`s in Danger
    This crazy world is in a grave Situation
    Check the Children, are they sleeping ?
    Will they wake from the Sirene`s screamin ?
    Don`t blame the Heavens ...


  • 2 Way

    This is for all you who are connected with
    The two-way. Ya heard?

    It`s a two-way street, it a two-way door
    It`s a two-way life (Pick it up and two way me)
    It`s a two-way sky it`s a two-way tel
    It`s a two-way...

Zappa Frank

  • g spot tornado

    G-Spot Tornado - Frank Zappa ------------------------------------- tabbed by Howard Wright This is a classic Zappa song - fast, m...

Cypress HillPearl Jam

  • Judgment Night

    Verse One: It`s time I came to get mine Runnin through the hoods with the hand on the nine Why do the pigs come Bring your ass on Cross the line so I can get the blast on Oh shit I`m empty but I`ve got a shake to the side So don`t even tempt me Runnin...

Noreaga f Brown and Maze

  • Slam soundtrack

    [Noreaga] Yo, yo I only, ride for those that`ll ride for me I only, shoot for those that`ll shoot for me I used to be in D.C., with my poetry Niggaz said I`m on some other shit, crazily I used to sell cracks, from the front streets to back Then I got l...

Sadat X f DV Alias Christ

  • Hang `Em High

    Wild Cowboys and you know this Lookin at a Cowboy and you know they`re dead A lot of niggaz stepped up to the bad man Chest bucked out with your head wide open Hopin, to spot, a chip in this frame I lived and died by th...

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