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Anarchist Academy

  • Rappelkistenkids

    Ich beginn, wie es begann, irgendwann fängt alles an mikroskopisch klein im Mutterleib, doch ich wuchs schnell heran dann - nur wenig später erblickte ich die Welt ohne Wissen und Erwartung, keine Weiche war gestellt ein...


  • What Would You Do

    Ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh, yeah Can I share my story One hotel in one city With one best friend, look what you did to me I got a clue from two phone calls Two separate times, you cant say s*** at all Look what youve done to me, I...


  • Concrete Tomb

    [based on "Untitled" by Wes Quick] As I sit in this cage, I think of the outside world. My life is not missed. Time continues to pass as I sit in this cell. These walls that hold me, closing in, they mock me.

Nineteen Wheels

  • 13 Seconds To Burn

    (R.J. Johnson/Owens) I can`t get used to waiting in this cement room all night long I`ll dig to China with my silver spoon I didn`t kill that man I called it self defense now I watch the world go by through a twelve foot barbed wi...

Ruff Ryders

  • 2 Tears in a Bucket

    Ruff Ryders niggas, blood in blood out (all aboard)
    Sheek, Methical, waddup niggas
    Yo yo, hey yo
    Soon as I cop the nine I pop the nine
    But when I take it out the box I represent Lox
    Now when I flow hit the rewind bu...

Hoyt Axton

  • Greenback Dollar (live version)

    Some people say I`m a no count, others say I`m no good
    But I`m just a natural born travelin` man
    Doin` what I think I should, Oh yeah
    Doin` what I think I should.

    And I don`t give a damn about a green...

Laura Cantrell

  • Big Wheel

    I feel like a big wheel I feel like a big wheel I`ve gotta` roll, I`ve gotta` cover a lotta` road, I`ve gotta` go home.


  • Dance With Me

    Dance with me
    hold me closer, closer, closer, & closer
    much closer
    while the music plays

    Dance with me
    hold me tighter, tighter & tighter, much tighter
    let the rythm sway
    ooooh put y...

Steve Miller Band

  • Ain`t That Lovin` You Baby

    Ain`t that lovin` you baby Ain`t that lovin` you baby Ain`t that lovin` you baby But you don`t even know my name Listen to me baby What I say is true They could drop me in the ocean I`d swim to the bank And get back home ...

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