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  • Ты знаешь, что дальше

    Мы стали старше, мама,
    Знаешь, что дальше, мама.
    Асфальт под ногами нашими,
    Над головой сажа.
    Если ангелы, то падшие,
    Если дьяволы мы, то настояшие.
    Мне жаль, мама.
    Врагами худшими друзья стали самые,

Fantastischen Vier

  • Le Smou

    How bright are the fires of thought
    In a chain of command
    How bright is the medical torch
    When it`s put in our hand
    My microbes and I
    Can`t wait to lay down and die
    We realise that we must be spent
    Like ...

Hazell Dean

  • Back in My Arms (Once Again)

    And the words of the song say everything
    when I switch on the radio

    Because it brings back all the memories
    and it seems so long ago.

    but there`s a rain outside on the window pane

    Is it...

Nino de Angelo

  • Engel Und Teufel

    Seit ich dich kenne luisa weiß ich nicht woran ich bin. Oft bist du glühend heiß dann wieder kalt wie Eis. Ich lieb` dich und nehm` es hin.


  • Abolish Government

    Originally performed by TSOL Abolish government There`s nothing to it Forget about God He`s no innocent We live by a system Of perfect goals People vs.

Михаил Ермольев

  • Монастыри

    Михаил Ермольев


    Рыжая девочка в платьице красном


    С искрами в синих глазах


    Жёлтое, красное - краски прекрасные -

Cindy Lauper

  • Girls just wanna have fun

    I come home in the morning light
    My mother says when you gonna live your life right
    Oh mother dear we`re not the fortunate ones
    And girls they want to have fun
    Oh girls just want to have fun

    The phone rings i...

Harry Nilsson

  • Everybody`s Talkin

    Everybody`s talkin` at me I don`t hear a word their sayin` Only the echos of my mind People stop and stare I can`t see their faces Only the shadows of their eyes I`m goin` where the sun keeps shinin` Through the pourin` rain Goin...

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