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  • Everytime We Say Goodbye

    Huh listen! Do you have to go shake your head (yes or no) Do you have to go tell me it isn`t so Do you wonder why it makes us cry everytime we say goodbye Do you ever give in to what you believe You know I never want you to leave ...

Last Exit

  • Don`t Let It Bring You Down

    Old man lying by the side of the road As the lorries pass me by Full moon sinkin` from the weight of the load And the buildings scrape the sky Cold wind rippin` down the alley at dawn And the morning paper flies Dead man lyi...

Royce Da 5`9

  • All I Wanna Do

    [Intro] What wh-wh-what what what, nigga Yo.. c`mon with it nigga This for my nigga right here, strictly for my niggaz What, turn it up, turn the..


  • Butcher`s Block

    [Lyrics by K. Nardi] Look around, it`s all going black Tons upon tons and it`s breaking our backs We`re setting our course Leading ourselves, one by one To the butcher`s block We`re sharpening the axe ourselves Grinding it sharp...

Николай Штромило


  • Aarete Saar

    Miks on minuga nii, et hinge pхhjatu kaev
    On siiani tьhjaks jддnd
    Pole vдrisend seinad ega rappunud laed
    Kuigi tunnen, et aeg on kдes

    Kus on lubatud viljad, kus on tхotatud aed
    Ma ikka veel neid ei nдe

Last Gentlemen

  • Reprise

    can you feel can you see the world behind your back


Last Kry

  • I Don`t Wanna Break Your Heart

    Verse one I don`t know why I feel this way but I do I`m worried this time that we won`t make it through I don`t know how we let things go so wrong but we did Could our love just be hiding or is it gone I just got to know Will we l...


  • Freak It

    You say you never had it good babe I guess you never knew I could babe But if you let me into you babe I could work it till you do babe If you like in the morning I could freak it like you want it If you like it real kinky I co...

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