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Madd Rapper

  • Stir Crazy

    - - from the LP Tell `Em Why U Madd
    - 2000 Columbia

    (uhh, hell yea man, hm, oh fuck yeah
    when I`m not at home, beating my shit to death
    I`m listening to the Madd Rapper`s album
    This is Ken Kaniff, and I`...


  • 50 Ways

    CHORUS 50 ways (go go go go) 50 ways to flip a style REPEAT *4 skiddily diddily boom boom a whop a dung dem you never know say daddy me snow yes me come back again snow that begin a reading for the musical blow man de sun ...

Usher f Blu Cantrell, Method Man

  • U Remind Me (Remix) 12

    [Intro] Right, oh y`all know what I`m sayin` Trackmasters, what up? [Method Man] Yo, you remind me of this chick I knew, used to pursue She wouldn`t let the Meth` Man screw, but let the crew So I did what any man in that situation would do Go find him...


  • True To Me

    I never believed in the word lonely Even when I found myself all alone I never needed someone else to want me To make me feel wanted Cause deep inside I`ve always known Who I am All I am is [Hook:] True to me Fait...

mclauchlan murray

  • you need a new lover now

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

beau brummels

  • dont talk to strangers

    Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:48:09 -0500 From: Andrew Rogers Subject: ./b/beau_brummels/dont_talk_to_strangers.crd Don`t Go To Strangers (Ron Elliot - Robert Durand) Intro: rhythm guitar [6...

Castro Tommy

  • Nasty Habits

    Everything I do... everything I do is bad for me Everything I do... everything I do is bad for me (alright) All my nasty habits ... just won`t let me be I like to drink... and I like to smoke They say it`s going to kill me ...

mclaughlin john

  • guardian angel

    from `Friday Night In San Fransisco` Guardian Angel by John McLaughlin 4/4, Fast + means : let ring e |-----------3---------|---2-------0-------0-|-------------------| |-----1---1---------0-|---------------------|---------3---------| |-------4-...

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