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mcgann jack

  • cincinnatti flow rag

    From: (Allyn Dimock) Subject: TAB: Cincinnatti Flow Rag. Trad. Arranged by Jack McGann ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guitar arrangements of Jack McGann.

Леонид Будько

  • Ту-ту, ту-ту!

    Леонид Будько

    Как только поезд тронется, считая столбы,

    В вагонных окнах скроются последние лбы,

    Шум стихнет постепенно и спадет суета,

    Все, словно по сценарию, возьмут,...

Musiq Soulchild

  • Aimewitue

    You know who im thinkin bout right now.. ?

    Girl I.. feel you, think that you may not be..
    Tha kind of a girl, that everybody..
    Looks for nowadays, but I just gotta say
    That it..


  • sonny dream

    SONNY`S DREAM TRANSCRIBED BY MIKE DIXON MDIX12@HOTMAIL.COM C Sonny lives on a farm, on a wide open space C F C you can take off your sneekers, and give up the race G you can lay down your head, by a sweet river bed F C G But...

mcgraw tim

  • 40 Days And 40 Nights

    Well its been rainin` on and on ever since you`ve been gone Those dark clouds keep rollin` in And every time I think I might catch myself a glimpse of sunlight The bottom falls out again Well I can barely keep a flow I`m up the cr...

Леонид Вейсблат

  • Третий лишний

    Леонид Вейсблат

    Давай опять сыграем в третий лишний -

    Забавная и грустная игра.

    Пока сердца в тираж еще не вышли -

    Играть в нее от ночи до утра.


Armada Groove

  • My Friend

    Whenever I`m down
    I call on you my friend
    A helping hand you lend
    In my time of need
    Whenever I`m down
    I call on you my friend


    Whenever I`m down
    I call on you my friend


  • (don`t Fear) The Reaper

    All our times have come Here but now they`re gone Seasons don`t fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain We can be like they are Come on baby... Don`t fear the Reaper Baby take my hand... Don`t fear the Reaper We`ll be able to fly...


  • C`Est Les Vacances

    C`est les vacances, nous partons en voyage
    Deux heures d`avance et beaucoup de bagages
    Le coeur qui bat, les sandwichs en plastique
    L`йtй est lа, c`est vraiment fantastique
    Une voix nous dit En voiture, nous partons vers ...

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