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    Find something mindless I can advocate Make up the me I want to be Then always keep a finger on "the pulse" Maintain high visibility Grubbing for any contact I can make Then dig in deep to get ahead Line upp the prospect...


  • Blasphemous Cremation

    Disciples of mockery, blasphemy.

    Christ will rot, suffer in pain.
    Nailed unmercifuly, grotesquely hung.
    Gasping for air, collapsed lungs.
    Stripped of vitality, suffocate...

    Denied from salvation.


  • Uplifted

    So highly elusive are the thoughts that I am fusing even cops
    be losing the ONE they are pursuing.
    Intuitive lyrics embedded in the roots of my spirit causing confusion
    in the ears of those who choose to hear it.

Veruca Salt

  • ... Said Sadly

    You should know that I love you I cant help but fall for you Oh honey Im just a fool Now you know Darling, Ill never be true You see, for so long I was blue Im not the lonley one And if I hurt, then you would too Oh honey ...


  • BOB

    Release date: 30. September 2002 Album: Happy Fool BOB (verse) He hasn`t got a single clue he a bit like me and you in surbubia-stonewashed jeans he dosen`t know what he really means (brigde) Every single day when he wal...

Dagsland Sigvart

  • Alt Eg Sg

    (T: Sigvart Dagsland/Erik Hillestad, M: Sigvart Dagsland) Alt eg sg, sg eg samen med deg Alt eg gjor, det gjor eg samen med deg Aaa...


  • Liberdade Pra Dentro Da Cabea

    ( Alexandre ) Liberdade p`ra dentro da cabea Liberdade p`ra dentro da cabea Quando voc for embora / No precisa me dizer / O que eu no quero jogo fora Voc pode entender / Desigualdades e a luta / Afim de encontrar A liberdade e a p...

Nattvindens Grat

  • A Lonely October Night

    Once again left the rider With no clue where to do Helpless and frustrated He began to wander in woe He wandered here and where Without a place to go Nights fell and days damned Onwards he just rode The trees dropped their leaves...

Texas A and M

  • I`d Rather Be A Texas Aggie

    If I could be a banker, a lawyer, a preacher If I could be a doctor, a mayor, a teacher If all I had to do was merely raise my voice, then brother Here`s my choice I`d rather be a Texas Aggie - a mean so and so Than be from any ...

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