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Fatboy Slim

  • Acid 8000

    Your body moves
    woman voice: it` so easy to get acid you can get it anywhere
    If pills don`t make your body moves, your body must be dead!



  • Liar

    Tell me why did you do this to me.
    After we made plans for a family.
    And you swear you would bare my child.
    All the while you were out running wild.
    With your friends spending off my ends.

Niessen and Musil

  • Donnerwetter

    Refrain : Donnerwetter Donnerwetter so ein schönes Badewetter wünschen wir uns immer für die Urlaubszeit ! Donnerwetter Donnerwetter ist das heut ein Badewetter! Hei! Da lacht das Herz vor lauter Seligkeit! Kommt ...

Night Hawks Barbershop 4-tet

  • S: The Auctioneer

    (spoken) A - well here we go again. Whaddaya gonna` gimme for `em? Ah, Ah. Five hundred twenty-five. Will ya` gimme thirty? Make it thirty bid-a-for-a thirty dollar, will ya` gimme thirty-five - five? Make it forty.

Night In Gales

  • A Spark In The Crimson Eclipse

    when the lightning starts
    thou shall dwell in tears
    a serenade of cruelty
    which teaches us how to bleed
    we came down to touch the earth
    now our tears fall
    through the well of equilibrium

    forlorn i...

Cat Stevens

  • (I Never Wanted) To Be A Star

    I was seventeen, ou were working for Matthew and Son, (The) Beatles me the Queen, and I wrote I`m gonna get me a gun, yeah, yeah It was like a dream in the star machine, oh, no, izitso, izitso? I never wanted to be a star, I...

Lagana Brandon

  • Is It You

    Talk to yourself, I said over and over again-- holing conversations that are pointless and have no real end. Why do you insist on fighting it? Your tongue`s all tangled and logic spills from your bones.


  • Donaulied

    Einst ging ich am Rande der Donau entlang (ohohoh uhlalala) Ein schlafendes Madel am Ufer ich fand (ohohoh uhlalala) Sie hatte die Beine weit von sich gestreckt (ohohoh uhlalala) Ihr schnee-weißer Busen war halb nur bedeckt...


  • After You My Friend

    He wants to be the one who doesn`t have to sink a level Indiscrete, in his retreat All he needs is just a taste of the bitter pride He held in her name Embrace the solitude of ordinary fucked up state of grace Far away from the da...

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