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Fur Patrol

  • Lydia

    Am I supurised to see you here with Lydia she`s all so nice and easier to love than I But no I wont hold it against her My Baby My Baby Dont you want me anymore Her arms are warm her legs are wide and so`s her smile She`ll tak...

Rox Orbison

  • Only The Lonely

    Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight. Only the lonely know this feeling ain`t right. There goes my baby. There goes my heart. They`re gone forever, So far apart. But only the lonely know why I cry Only the lonely.

Furia Do Acucar

  • Eu Gosto E Do Verao

    (Lyrics/music by:J.J.Melo) Na primavera o amor anda no ar Na primavera os bichos andam no ar Na primavera o polen anda no ar E eu nao consigo parar de espirrar No verao os dias ficam maiores No verao as roupas ficam menores No ve...

Further Seems Forever

  • A Blank Page Empire

    Thoughts pass by like a river flow Must be hard to keep track where you came from I float down and stand right next to you But something is causing a lull in the traffic The empire is moving, the grass overgrown I`d blow this whole world to pieces to ...

Ambros Wolfgang

  • Alt Und Jung

    A jeder glaubt von Zeit zu Zeit es rennt eam was davon, wa net, da si` in Wirklichkeit nur wenig wirklich lohnt.

Lacrimas Profundere

  • ...And How To Drown In Your Arms

    Heal my sins I can`t bleed more for you but you mustn`t shed more tears for our fall, to suffer in what will we become if nothing...

The Blood Divine

  • Artemis

    Now... I reach into your - in your slumber, hear my call God of dreams - in your sleep, the King am I Mistress of the eve - Huntress... Chaste and divine - Oh, Artemis... awaken Mistress of the eve - Huntress...


  • Frag den Abendwind

    O ladybird
    I have heard you wish to walk me through your garden
    I crave your pardon if I woke you with my thinking
    O ladybird
    I have heard you wish to walk me through your meadow
    You`ll spread no wing...

Honeydrippers, The

  • Sea of Love

    Do you remember when we met?
    That`s the day I knew you were my pet

    I want to tell you how much I love you.

    Come with me
    my love
    to the sea
    the sea of love.
    I want to tell you just how much ...

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