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Alstone Deveille

  • Mein Kleiner Spatz

    Es war am Lago Maggiore als ich sie zuerst geseh`n. Ich sprach zu ihr von Amore doch sie sagt`: Ich kann nix versteh`n. Ich schenkte ihr weißen Flieder und sprach: Liebste denk an mich.

Boys don`t cry

  • I wanna be a cowboy

    Riding on the range, I`ve got my hat - on, I`ve got my boots - dusty. I`ve got my saddle On my horse. He`s called....T-t-t-t-t-trigger Of course.

Alt And The Lost Civilization

  • Tequila

    I was at the bar with my drinkin team, It was me Jack Daniels and my homey Jim Bean. We were kinda blitzed and we were trying to behave Y`all when in walked a soldier he was from the fuzzy naval.


  • Emerald Eye

    As the sun sets down in the west Another sleepless night comes her way Working late for the ruler of the street Finding her way trough hard times Trying to make a good life Selling her body to strangers in the night Emerald eye ...

Billy Crawford

  • Come Into My Life

    Baby I need you Come into my life Uh uh yeah Yeah uh uh yeah In my heart tonight Get down in my soul Im losing my senses Im in for the count So out of control And I cant surrender Im goin crazy I might be a fool But theres no wa...

Rosenstrom Bjorn

  • Egon

    Egon skulle fylla fem r nsta dag, fr han var fyra r Han undrade mycket vad han skulle f i present, han sa till sin far: Jag vill ha trskor och ntter och lngfil och koben och sgspn och msli, och en kratta Nej, sa hans far, allt det...

Belle Perez

  • Colour In My Life

    When you walked into my life Everything was black and white Monochrome was all I knew `Til the day I met you Never felt this way before Now I know my heart is yours you`re painting all my dreams In every shade I need Never reall...

Basement Jaxx Dizzee Rascal

  • Lucky star

    Round round round we go So clued up but obliviously Systematically and vigorously Society behaves so hideously Quick to move prove nothing that helps us We run earth so ridiculously Guilty, portrayed, so innocently Earth natives act immigrantly ...

Alter Ego

  • Dance (If You Cannot)

    Free yourself and live through the motion Dance if you cannot dance Be yourself and live for the moment Dance if you cannot dance The time has come for you To move that body The time has come to know The time has come for you to t...

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