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no one

  • Again

    I`m not the way I used to be the wounds of life are changing me I`ve been wasting too much time I`ve broke down walls that blinded me and I have fallen to my knees the seeds of dreams now fill my mind With everything that faces me from every ...


  • Internationally Known

    (Supernatural) I call it like I see it on stage like Supernatural Internationally known (Verse One) I have, traveled the planet and touched many foreign lands From the streets of London to the, African sands I`ve always had a plan to make money expand...

DMX, Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas

  • Belly Soundtrack

    [DMX] Rrrrrgh, uh, uh-huh Uh.. uhh uhh, uh-huh Here comes the boom (8X) Here comes the boom! Boomin, bouncin Stalkin, must walk in, hawk get to pouncin Get em where it counts and, hit em like a mountain Spit em have em spittin out, blood like a fount...


  • А Я ?

    Сегодня так нервно
    Дрожали антенны
    Но ты не звонил
    Я письма писала
    Но этого мало
    Я писем ждала
    За окна глядела
    Несмело, несмело
    Все из-за угла

    А в мире так много

Blu Cantrell

  • 10,000 Times

    Been in love 10,000 times, and I`ve been hurt 10,000 times
    Yet and still you want a try But what would do if I gave my love to you
    Would you hurt me too

    Been a long time since I been serious
    Now you`re curious

Guus Meeuwis

  • `t Dondert En `t Bliksemt


    `t Dondert en `t bliksemt
    en `t regent meters bier
    Het wordt dus pompen of verzuipen
    da`s de enige manier
    om de juiste koers te vare...

Manfred Mann`s Earth Band

  • Bantustan

    Nelson, the son of Joseph, plays football with his friends.Sometimes
    he pauses and gazes down the dirt road.Today the bus will come??Today
    his father will come??Outsile their hut, his mother pauses at
    her washing.Raw callous...

no use for a name

  • 51 Days

    51 Days without a trace or an indication That his god would soon be here To take them all away Waiting for the final day and for the god Who never came They all ended up in flames Moved by the power of a charming leader With the love of god and the ha...

Cam`Ron f Jimmy Jones, Juelz Santana

  • Come Home With Me

    * send corrections to the typist [Cam`Ron] Ah yo, come on home with us man Harlem World USA man take a walk with us on our block man see how we live Dip-sect Yo, yo Come on home with me, early 90`s I wasn`t pearly and shinning, I was certainly grimy ...

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