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Seger Bob

  • Come To Poppa

    by Earl Randle and Willie Mitchell If the sun Ain`t shining bright And the moon the moon Won`t shine for you tonight If the stars in the sky gone away And you feel Feelin` real low down today If life gets hard to understand And th...

Black Sheep f The Legion

  • Non-Fiction

    [Mr Lawnge] Ahh, shit! Get ready for the lyrical beat down Go for your gat, nigga, you can catch a smack, clown You think you get props, nope, you`re in the wrong biz Because the Sugar Dick Daddy Mr Lawnge is Far from diesel but running shit like Eagle...

magic dirt

  • these drugs are really starting to fuck

    MAGIC DIRT These Drugs Are Really Starting To Fuck Me Over Bass tab transcribed by geniefur ( Faint Intro: G -----------------|----------------- D -----------------|----------------- A -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|-5-5-5...

magic sam

  • sweet home chicago intro

    ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- x2 --5>12--12-12--5>12--12-12-11----------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------...

Segreto Ric

  • Don`t Know What To Say (don`t Know What

    I have loved you only in my mind But I know that there will come a time To feel this feeling I have inside You`re a hopeless romantic is what they say Fallin` in and out of love just like a play Memorizin` each line I still don`t ...

Eric Heatherly

  • Flowers On The Wall

    I keep hearin` your concern about my happiness
    But all that thought you`ve given me is, conscience I guess
    If I were walkin` in your shoes, I wouldn`t worry none
    While you and your friends are worryin``bout me, I`m havin`lots o...


  • On My Own

    Stayed awake all night tossin`, turnin`
    Now my bloodshot eyes are burnin`
    Working out why this ain`t workin`
    Fight after Fight after Fight
    And now it`s killing me

    You were too busy to believe in
    All th...

Isengard (Sweden)

  • Atomic Winter

    There is no time tomorrow
    Now the end is near
    You can hear them cry and the winds of fear

    The morning light is sorrow
    Filled with death and pain
    You can see the clouds of acid rain

    Everyboby figh...

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