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  • Cry for the moon

    Follow your common sense You cannot hide yourself behind a fairytale forever and ever Only by revealing the hole truth can we disclose The soul of this bulwark forever and ever Forever and ever Indoctrinated minds so...

Lunar Aurora

  • Augen Aus Nichts

    Die Honde der Nacht beruhren die Saat des Seins, Honde, die segnen, mit Schmerz. Brenne! Seele, brenne im Feuer der Einsamkeit! Und die Flammen werden das Siechtum aus Menschenfleisch in Asche legen, ewiglich...

Benzino f Made Men

  • The Benzino Project

    [Benzino] Uh, yo (We!) Uh-uh, uh uh uh Uh-uh, uh uh uh Uh-uh, uh uhhh! Mr. Gzus, Twice Thou Ray Benzino! I spit that thug shit, the whole world wanna bang to Amazin, Mr.


  • beautyproof

    Artist: Madrugada Song: Beautyproof Album: Industrial Silence Vers G|----------------------------| D|----------------------------| A|5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-0-1-----| E|-----------------------1-2-3| Refr.


  • Аримя жизни

    Подворотни растили их, Чердаки заменили им дом. Каждый из них ненавидел крыс, Каждый из них был котом. В новых районах большого города Война! Это закон. Каждый из них знал свое место, Когда вставал район на район.

Hilary Duff

  • A Day In The Sun (Bonus Track)

    and then you awoke

    to start the day out laughing

    it`s some kind of joke


    everybody`s wait ing for a day in the sun

    everybody`s working hard to have some fun

Tru (Master P)

  • Da Crime Family

    [Voice in Background] Look at the little porch monkeys, fuckin jiggaboo [Master P talking] My ancestor Kunta Kinte said We come over to this bitch, smiling on a banana boat (And they fucked our bitches and raped them) They never told us what the fuck ...


  • Blown Doors

    Fuel flow intravenously, mixed nitrous through chemistry. Chemicals under pressure, poison in my injectors. Mixing fluids to perfection, runaways clean, injection. More speed for an injection racer, nitrous straight, no chaser.

maffay peter

  • josie

    Peter Maffay Josie tab by Bjцrn (Bjцrn.Elsner@gmx.de) (this is the new Josie-version off the new 30th anniversary-album Heute vor 30 Jahren.But the tab is also compareable to the original version.So enjoy!!!(Send me any comments!!!) INTRO dab dada ...

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