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  • Get Over Yourself

    I was standing there like a little wife
    I was ev`rything that you need
    Alway`s on the line
    I was livin you lovin you felling your desire
    But that was then this is now look me in the eye
    And OoOhh
    If love cou...


  • 2 Bad 4 U

    three years I spent at your home now am I glad that I`m all alone three years you took and I gave wasted so much time on the phone i`m so glad that it`s finally done woke from my sleep to find your not the one by myself I f...

Brotha Lynch Hung f Luni Coleone

  • Watta

    [Brotha Lynch] I`m the hardest nigga you never heard of And I`m a pro when it comes to these tools a four four when it comes to these raw venemous spit send him his dick In a wool shoe package, peel back his cap wid this automatic Cold hefty and black ...

Seeger Pete

  • Battle Of New Orleans

    BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS (Jimmy Driftwood; tune: Eighth of January, trad.) Well, in 18 and 14, we took a little trip Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Missisip We took a little bacon and we took a little beans And we met the...


  • All Over The World

    All over the world, people must meet and part; There`s someone like me feeling the pain in their heart. Some may meet again under that same white star, If maybe some night you come back from afar.

Black Menace

  • Mo Drama

    Chorus (J-Dawg + Uncredited speaker): Despite the hard time and sacrifice we all get judged, let it be written in blood, The definition of love, Despite the hard time and sacrifice we all get judged, let it be written in blood, The definition of lov...

Calvi John

  • French Fries

    FRENCH FRIES by John Calvi, c. 1982 This old world has troubles, everyone knows there`s garbage in all of our lives We try to get through it, each our own way, And for me, I just eat french fries.


  • A Memory Of You

    [music & lyric: barthold] To come back to you, oh, sweet days - Wild with the scent of sin By the tombs of Pharaohs - We rode the desert Back to these days again Where we would feel the sun nailed to our skin Back to these d...

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